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2019 Uniti One


2019 Uniti One
•Únity One pure EV priced from £15,100 in the ÚK, including Government subsidy
•Embodies Scandinavian-inspired design and smartphone-like ethos
•Compact and ultra-efficient three-seat urban EV boasts range of up to 300 km1
•First customers will join Úniti's Founders Club, with exclusive benefits
•The Úniti One is available to configure at 2019 Uniti One
Úniti, Sweden's ground-breaking mobility pioneer, has today revealed the pricing and specification for its eagerly-awaited debut vehicle, the fully-electric Úniti One.

2019 Uniti One
Setting new standards in sustainability and offering a fresh interpretation of urban mobility, the Úniti One has been designed in response to today's changing transportation needs, and to provide flexibility for the future.

2019 Uniti One
Designed in Sweden and engineered in the ÚK, the Úniti One has been created from the ground-up to be an urban electric vehicle: fully optimised for efficiency, sustainability and affordability, whilst maximising interior space for three adults. All of which has been achieved without sacrificing quality, comfort or real-world usability.

2019 Uniti One
Offered with a choice of two battery sizes, the Úniti One has a range of up to 300 km1, which can be charged from 20% to 80% in just seventeen minutes with a 50 kW CCS charger 1.

Adopting a clean and minimalist approach to styling, the Úniti One's graceful lines and uncluttered functionality is in keeping with the best of Scandinavian design, creating a distinctive, beautifully-detailed and highly desirable product.

The Úniti One comes well-equipped as standard and can be further enhanced and personalised through a suite of carefully-selected options.

With orders expected to open shortly, customers that place a deposit before the end of November 2019 will secure a place in Úniti's exclusive 'Founders Club', entitling them to a host of exclusive benefits, including free software upgrades and enhancements for life.

With prices starting from just £15,100 (after £3,500 ÚK Government subsidy) the Úniti One offers a revolutionary new platform for affordable and sustainable mobility.

Offered initially to buyers in northern Europe and with first deliveries planned in Sweden and the ÚK for mid-2020, the Úniti One is now available to configure at

Innovative design provides flexible space for three
The Úniti One's intelligent packaging can accommodate up to three adults within its ultra-compact footprint. Its unique-in-class and highly-flexible one-plus-two seating configuration offers unrivalled ergonomic and visibility benefits for the driver, with ample space for two adult passengers to sit behind, as well as generous load-carrying potential.

With the battery situated beneath the floor, the Úniti One's interior space is both generous and highly adaptable, affording the car a number of practical applications.

The central driving position gives rear passengers quick and easy access into and out of the cabin, whilst minimising driver disruption, making the Úniti One the perfect urban vehicle for everything from the school-run to a micro taxi vehicle.

A split-folding rear seat is fitted as standard, further increasing the Úniti One's flexibility and, with three occupants on-board, the vehicle provides 155 litres of rear cargo capacity. Additional storage space either side of the drivers' seat means that longer packages fit with ease.

With the rear bench folded flat, and in its maximum load-carrying configuration, the Úniti One turns into a single-seater, providing the driver with a generous 760 litres of usable cargo space.

Exterior styling

The Úniti One's Scandinavian-inspired design creates a unique profile with clean, simple body lines and smooth contours.

Soft shapes and surface transitions add strength to the Úniti One's neat and compact proportions, with the rising belt line and arcing roof profile combining to create a clean, coherent and dynamic form.

Flowing as a single curve, the Úniti One's canopy-style windscreen and sweeping panoramic roof is a unique design feature which provides outstanding driver visibility and allows natural light to fill the cabin.

A sharp, horizontal character line neatly separates the canopy from the Úniti One's body, creating a distinctive belt which rises towards and flows around the rear of the car. Mirroring the shape of the headlight clusters, a dark, contrasting wing-shaped streak accentuates the waist line, adding a dynamic edge to the aesthetic.

Flush door handles maintain the smoothness of the car's flanks; their distinctive pillule shape a recurring element seen throughout the car.

At the front, the recessed headlights neatly incorporate wing-shaped daytime running lights and LED indicators. Arranged above the character crease in bold, horizontal lines, the rear LED lights span the width of the car.

The Úniti One is offered in three elemental colour tones – bright metallic Scandium, dark Graphite and warm Titanium – each with a satin finish to perfectly complement the car's sophisticated yet understated aesthetic.

Incorporating the pillule grille at the front, a horizontal dark base lowers the visual weight of the car, rising towards the rear to emphasise the Úniti One's stance.

Matching or complementing the chosen body colour, aero discs cover the wheels and complete the car's simple and cohesive design. Their clean, slightly domed profile is emphasised by a signature metallic ring which outlines the circumference – a feature which is repeated in the Úniti One's headlight bulbs, and carried through to the instrument panel buttons inside the cabin.

Interior design, comfort and convenience

Flowing seamlessly from the exterior into and throughout the cabin, Úniti's Scandinavian design approach creates a distinctive yet minimalistic and uncluttered feel.

The canopy-style windscreen stretches over the cabin space to create an airy environment for occupants, and, with class-leading rear legroom, affords the Úniti One with a relaxed and refined ambience akin to far larger vehicles.

With an electrochromic panoramic roof as standard, cabin brightness can be controlled as desired, ranging from transparent through to fully opaque, and all within a few seconds.

The roof automatically darkens to prevent the vehicle heating up when parked, which also helps reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the cabin again. The electrochromic glass also acts as virtual sun visor, tinting the top of the windscreen to reduce brightness and glare for the driver.

The feeling of space and tranquillity provided by the Úniti One's panoramic roof is accentuated further by the cabin's innovative layout and an attention to detail seldom seen in small city cars.

Soft-touch materials and high-quality engineered textiles cover the flowing shapes and lines of the cabin, with machined aluminium used for the door handles and interior trim accents, as well as the circular dashboard button surrounds.

The Úniti One can be specified with either a light or dark upholstery theme, which features a contemporary yet subtle geometric texture.

Mirroring the car's horizontal exterior character line, a contrasting band circles the cabin, enveloping its occupants. Coloured to complement the car's exterior, it brings a strong sense of cohesion to the car's overall feel and, combined with the calming influence of the Úniti One's design, adds to the overall feeling of safety and security.

Further enhancing the ambience, the cabin can be personalised with fully-configurable RGB mood lighting, which subtly accents the roof, dashboard and doors.

The Úniti One's steering wheel is clad in smooth, moulded, soft touch material and carries an offset Úniti emblem within its pillule centre section.

Augmenting familiar and traditional car controls with leading digital and touchscreen technology, the Úniti One is intuitive to drive yet provides a more contemporary and connected experience.

A digital-first approach has been taken to the Úniti One's controls, keeping the number of physical switches to a minimum and giving the cabin a calm and orderly ambience with a highly-intuitive, smartphone-like feel.

A signature horizon panel arcs around the driver, housing three configurable screens and integrating all information and command channels in a cohesive element.

Fully-connected experience
Úniti's vision is to offer the ideal platform for urban mobility — creating a more connected, more personalised and more intuitive experience.

The Úniti One leverages the benefits of Android Automotive OS, an integrated system that brings access to Google Maps, Waze, Spotify and dozens of other Play Store apps and services without requiring a dedicated or connected smartphone.

Beyond infotainment, the interface also provides easy access to key vehicle functions, such as lighting, heating and ventilation, all controlled via a familiar touch screen or hands-free, voice activated interface.

The Úniti One's digital architecture has been specifically developed to handle the rapidly expanding ecosystem of services being introduced to cities around the world. Faster networks, connected infrastructure and IoT devices will unleash innovations in safety and convenience, transforming daily urban driving. The Úniti One comes both equipped and prepared to take advantage of these innovations as they become available.

Employing smartphone-style, Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates allows Úniti to improve the car's safety and performance whilst greatly reducing the time traditionally required for ongoing maintenance. OTA updates also allow for the addition of new features, enhancements and upgrades.

The Úniti One does away with the need for a traditional key or fob, with entry to the car enabled via Úniti's secure mobile app which incorporates a smart, back-up function – a feature with the potential to unlock additional functionality in the future.

Performance and technical highlights
The Úniti One is optimised for energy and resource efficiency. A permanent magnet motor drives the rear wheels, producing an output of 50 kW (68 ps)1 and 85 Nm1 of torque and ample performance for real-world urban driving.

A direct benefit of the car's ultra-compact footprint and light-weight construction, the Úniti One's standard 12 kWh battery provides 150 km (93 miles) of range1 from a single charge, while the optional 24 kWh battery extends range to an impressive 300 km (186 miles) 1. A hundred kilometres (62 miles) of range can be added in just ten minutes using a 50 kW CCS charger.

The larger 24 kWh battery can be charged from 20% to 80% in two hours and six minutes1 with a typical domestic 7 kW charger and the optional on-board fast charger installed, or just seventeen minutes via a 50 kW CCS charging unit. The 12 kWh battery option takes one hour and three minutes1 to charge from 20% to 80% (with on-board fast charger), or just nine minutes1 using a 50 kW CCS unit.

Driver involvement has not been sacrificed in the pursuit of efficiency. The light and agile Úniti One delivers the optimal balance of performance, enjoyment and real-world usability.

The Úniti One's class-leading 8.0 kWh/100km1 efficiency is achieved through a weight-saving ethos evident throughout the car. A combination of purposeful design engineering, appropriate use of materials and innovative manufacturing techniques give the Úniti One a kerb weight of just 600 kg.

Perfectly suited to the urban environment, the Úniti One accelerates from 0-50 km/h (0-31 mph) in 4.1 seconds1 and 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 9.9 seconds1, before reaching its top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph), where permitted and conditions allow.

The Úniti One features two selectable driving modes which adapt the car's characteristics to suit the conditions or driver mood. City mode optimises the car for energy efficiency, providing a smooth and relaxed drive, whereas selecting Boost mode sharpens the accelerator response and adds a little weight to the steering for a more dynamic feel.

Engineered for the city
The Úniti One has been cleverly designed in response to evolving urban environments, vehicle usage and driving patterns. With its compact size and weight, driver-focused ethos and its zero-emissions EV credentials, the Úniti One has been engineered for the city.

Its central driving position gives the driver a symmetrical and near-uninterrupted view of the road ahead and minimises obstructions to peripheral vison. This driver-centric layout means that the car can be positioned on the road accurately at all times, giving the driver better awareness both of the vehicle and environment around them.

A wide-angle rear view camera replaces a traditional mirror, providing the driver with outstanding rear visibility via a central digital display, even with two passengers or full load on board.

The chassis and suspension have been optimised to provide a compliant and comfortable ride, tackling the challenges of mixed urban road surfaces with ease. And, at a mere 3,222 mm long and 1,709 mm wide, with mirrors, the Úniti One has a turning circle of just seven metres – making it incredibly agile and manoeuvrable around town.

With the batteries situated beneath the floor, the Úniti One has a very low centre of gravity; its bespoke EV platform allow the wheels to be positioned so that front and rear overhang is minimised, increasing agility and stability on the move whilst maximising cabin space and passenger comfort.

Designed to cope with everyday city life, the Úniti One's lower exterior body panels can be easily removed for repair or even replacement. And, by adopting self-coloured materials for the exterior, rather than using paint, the surface is better equipped to withstand minor bumps and scratches.

Safety by design
Despite its compact size, safety is an inherent part of the Úniti One's Swedish design philosophy.

A high-strength in-board upper structure keeps interior deformation to a minimum in the event of an impact, and the Úniti One comes equipped with a host of passive and active safety equipment as standard, including driver's airbag, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

In Úniti's first iteration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), customers can choose to specify Intel's MobilEye 6 collision avoidance system with their Úniti One. Equipped with Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warning as well as a speed limit indicator, this advanced system also warns the driver of potential pedestrian and cyclist collision, providing potentially lifesaving alerts in real time.

Specification and equipment highlights
The Úniti One comes well-equipped as standard and can be further enhanced and personalised through a suite of carefully-selected options.

Standard exterior equipment includes LED daytime running lights, power-adjustable side mirrors with integrated sequential LED indicators and an integrated rear-view camera. Rear LED lighting and integrated light bar are standard, with full LED headlights an option.

The electrochromic panoramic roof and sun visor are standard features, along with a heated windscreen and tinted power windows, with a heated driver's seat an option.

In keeping with the Úniti One's design ethos, the cabin is appropriately appointed using high-quality engineered textiles, fabrics and materials throughout.

Offered with a choice of contemporary light or dark themes, the cabin accents mirror the chosen exterior colour, and fully-adjustable RGB mood lighting is a standard feature on every vehicle.

The Android Automotive OS-powered touchscreen displays come pre-loaded with a suite of applications including Google Maps, Waze and Spotify, and with OTA updates. Bluetooth connectivity is also standard, along with integrated rear-view camera and hands-free voice activation for many of the car's functions.

The advanced MobilEye 6 collision avoidance system is a selectable option, and ISOFIX fittings are included as standard on both rear seats.

Two different audio systems are available, including an enhanced six-speaker system with amplifier for a fuller experience. A pair of ÚSB sockets and three cup holders provide added convenience for occupants, keeping them fully charged whilst on the move.

Fully-connected customer service
Úniti's customer service has been specifically designed around the driver, using technology to facilitate a customer-direct relationship, maximising speed of response and convenience.

Notably skipping the industry-standard dealership network, Úniti engages with its customers directly via its website, Most software functions can be updated or enhanced remotely thanks to Úniti One's Over-The-Air connectivity, which also greatly reduces diagnostic time.

Routine service inspections will be conducted by a dedicated, European-wide network of mobile technicians, at a convenient time and location for the customer.

The Úniti One is offered with a comprehensive 60,000 mile or three-year warranty and for complete peace of mind, the battery and electric driveline are each covered by a five-year or 60,000 miles warranty. The Úniti One is also covered by an extensive twelve-year anti-perforation warranty and a two-year, 24-hour ÚK and European breakdown package is provided as standard.

Available to configure now
The Úniti One will be offered initially to buyers in northern Europe, with first deliveries planned in Sweden and the ÚK for mid-2020. Additional markets will be added progressively in time.

Customers that order a Úniti One before 30 November, 2019 with a 50% deposit will also secure a place in Úniti's exclusive 'Founders Club'.

Recognising their status as Úniti's first patrons, Founders Club members will receive all future OTA software applications, updates and enhancements completely free of charge for life2, and benefit from access to exclusive events, offers and services. Their Úniti One will also carry an individually-numbered 'Founder' plaque, marking its significance in Úniti's journey.

The Úniti One is priced from £15,100 (£18,600 before ÚK Government subsidy) and is available to configure now, at

Designed in Sweden, engineered in the ÚK, built for the world

Building safe and affordable electric vehicles using premium technology and progressive design, Úniti has set out to become a certified carbon-neutral company.

Úniti was established in 2015 as an open innovation research project at Lund Úniversity, Sweden, with the aim of better understanding the societal and environmental impact of modern cars.

The project quickly expanded as the team realised that they could start to simultaneously address the changing usage patterns of commuters and the growing need for more sustainable mobility solutions, through innovation and the application of emerging technologies, and by taking a completely fresh look at the role of the automobile.

Úniti has undertaken a series of crowd-funding campaigns, which acted as mechanisms to build a community around the team's vision, and provide the investment needed to kick-start the company's sustainable business plan.

Úniti revealed a two-seater prototype vehicle in 2017 and the several thousand pre-orders that swiftly followed confirmed that there was not only a strong demand for the product, but also a tangible and powerful alignment with the company's vision to create the best cars for the world. Now available as a three-seater vehicle, the Úniti One exceeds those initial expectations by delivering an even more practical and compelling package.

Drawing on the best talent, resources, technologies and practices from around the world, Úniti offers a fresh perspective on the future of sustainable, personal urban mobility. Through the adoption of innovative design, engineering and manufacturing practices, and with a comprehensive Carbon and Resource Management Strategy (CRMS) in place, Úniti has a robust plan to ensure the company remains carbon neutral and delivers a net positive impact to society.

Operating from the company's headquarters in Lund, Sweden, Úniti's team of product designers have skilfully merged cutting-edge digital technology with space-efficient design to create a smart and adaptable urban EV with a style and quality that is unmistakably Swedish.

Úniti's vehicle development, engineering and production hub is in Norfolk, England – a region renowned for its world-class talent, resources and expertise in lightweight automotive engineering. Embracing established and emerging technologies along with advanced materials and production techniques, Úniti has completely reimagined the vehicle platform around modern usage patterns and for the era of autonomous electric mobility.

Placing efficiency and sustainability at the heart of the manufacturing process, and as the company grows and enters additional markets, Úniti will establish local assembly plants which use digital technology to build cars at point of demand, vastly reducing the cost, time and environmental impact of transporting materials and vehicles globally.

Úniti CEO, Lewis Horne commented: 'This is just the start of our journey towards a more sustainable future. I'm immensely proud of what the team has achieved by bringing this innovative vehicle to market in such a short time. But it's not enough to merely challenge convention. Our goal for the Úniti One is for it to become a catalyst for positive change in our industry and I'm delighted at the way in which this vision has so clearly resonated with people across the globe.'

Source - Uniti

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