Auction Houses >> Coys : 2009

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Coys Auction - True Greats$1,835,39533 items sold for 100%£260,443
Coys Auction - Auto Moto D‘Epoca - Padova$2,897,93650 items sold€465,806
Coys Auction - Spirit of Motoring Ascot$1,272,74025 items sold£322,097
Coys Auction - Oldtimer Grand Prix Nurburgring$3,166,42822 items sold€636,677
Coys Auction - Blenheim Palace$2,751,36331 items sold£416,577
Coys Auction - MG Live Festival Silverstone$409,41217 items sold£111,557
Coys Auction -Brands Hatch$941,54423 items sold£210,661
Coys Auction - Monaco$2,523,62626 items sold€379,997
Techno Classica$1,623,54022 items sold for 100%£346,766
Coys Auction - Spring Classics$2,400,06630 items sold£1,077,046
Coys Auction - Autosport$1,969,76422 items sold£472,423

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