Auction Houses >> Coys : 2010

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Coys Auction -The Spirit of Motoring, Ascot Racecourse$2,592,85838 items sold for 100%£297,648
Coys Auction -Nurburgring Race Circuit$2,855,31822 items sold for 100%€591,111
Coys Auction - Blenheim Palace$2,403,47735 items sold for 100%£243,820
Coys Auction - The Spirit of Motoring - Ascot$1,680,24735 items sold for 100%£441,762
Coys Auction - Legende et Passion$5,077,31234 items sold for 100%€522,742
Coys Auction - Techno Classica$1,906,12725 items sold for 100%€356,945
Coys Auction - Spring Classics$2,064,99226 items sold for 100%£453,622
Coys Auction - Autosport$1,168,54322 items sold for 100%£203,277

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