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Convertible Coupe
There was a major change in Packard styling and chassis design for 1933, which brought across-the-board usage of V-type radiators with thermostatic shutters and painted shells, skirted fenders and new controlled body ventilation (a concept similar to Fisher Body's 'No-Draft'). V-12 powered Convertibles such as this Series 1005 Custom Twelve were built from 1932 until 1939 and were typically catalogued as Convertible Roadsters.

Packard had re-introduced a twelve-cylinder car in 1932 as the 'Twin Six' but changed that designation to simply the 'Twelve' for 1933 - the Tenth Series Packard.

In the early 1930s, Packard was the most sought after luxury quality automoible made in America. Dusenbergs were considered equal in quality, but cost three to four times as much. This car was the first of the 50 12-cylinder convertible coupes made in 1933, indicated by the serial number 693-11. It was displayed at that year's Chicago Auto Show and was restored in 2005.

The 1005 series Packards were built on a 142-inch wheelbase chassis. Body styles that were offered included this handsome convertible coupe, which was sold new by the famed west coast Packard dealer Earl C. Anthony of Los Angeles. For 1933 only 520 total Packard Twelve's were sold. It's estimated 50 of those were convertible coupes; 16 survive today.

The 1933 V-12 coupe sold new for $4,500. It weighed 5,500 lbs with a 142 inch wheelbase. It came with a 445 cubic-inch engine generating 160 horsepower. There were 50 V-12 Convertible Coupe Roadsters produced in 1933. This car was delivered on January 27, 1933 in Los Angeles, California. It is one of 14 accounted for.

The current owners purchased the car several years ago and are completing a total restoration of the car. It has been a winner at many concours events throughout the country. Final restoration of this car occurred in 2004-2005. Prior restoration (1984-1987) was limited to 80 percent of the vehicle. Sixteen 1933 Packard Twelve's in this style are registered by the Classic Car Club of America.

This V-12 Convertible Coupe rides on a 142-inch wheelbase, weighs in at 5,160 pounds and originally cost $4,000.
Convertible Coupe
In 1933, Packard produced 244 Model 1005 Twelve Packards with ten different body styles on a 142-inch wheelbase. This 1005 Coupe/Roadster weighs 5,160 pounds and sold for $3,850.

This was the second year for the new V-12, 445.5 cubic inch e  [Read More...]
Chassis Num: 1005 14
Engine Num: 901317
Sold for $275,000 at 2009 Gooding & Company.
The Tenth Series Packards were introduced on January 6th of 1933 at the Astor Hotel in New York City, NY. This series would remain in production until August of the following year. Just like the Ninth Series of 1932, the 10th series was available w  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2009
Club Sedan
This 1933 Packard Twelve Club Sedan is a low mileage example that has been restored to its original color as part of a full body-off restoration. The first time it was shown in public was at the 2009 Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance.  [Read More...]
Sport Phaeton
Chassis Num: 901241
Engine Num: 64113
High bid of $120,000 at 2009 RM Auctions. (did not sell)
Sold for $159,500 at 2010 RM Auctions.
This Packard Model 1005 Five-Passenger Sport Phaeton is a former AACA Senior, Preservation and Grand National Award winner. Power is from the 445 cubic-inch V12 offering 160 horsepower. There is a three-speed selective synchromesh manual transmission  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2010
Roadster Coupe
Chassis Num: 63937
High bid of $225,000 at 2009 RM Auctions. (did not sell)
With the introduction of the Tenth Series Packard for 1933, the Twelve was built on a new tapered frame (a more rigid X-braced frame) and came with many refinements, including a single dry-plate clutch and optional freewheeling, driver-adjustable pow  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2009
Convertible Victoria
Coachwork: Dietrich
This Packard 1005 Twelve, formerly called the Twin Six, wears Convertible Victoria coachwork by Dietrich. Ray Dietrich was Packard's most influential stylist in the early classic era, and his custom creations rapidly became production offerings. The   [Read More...]
Roadster Coupe
Chassis Num: Vehicle #: 639-42
Engine Num: 901348
Sold for $291,500 at 2012 Gooding & Company.
Sold for $374,000 at 2014 RM Auctions.
This Tenth Series Twelve Coupe Roadster was sold to Earle C. Anthony's Packard dealership in Los Angeles, CA on June 28th of 1933. It was purchased by violinist and big-band leader Paul Pendarvis for the sum of $3,850.  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Jan 2012
Roadster Coupe
Chassis Num: 901454
Sold for $352,000 at 2012 RM Auctions.
This Packard Twelve Coupe Roadster was sold new through Earle C. Anthony, the sole California Packard distributor from 1915 to 1958 that handled about one in every seven Packard automobiles ever sold. The first owner was Los Angeles Deputy District A  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2012
Club Sedan
Engine Num: 901229
Sold for $110,000 at 2012 RM Auctions.
This Club Sedan Model 1005 was owned from the early-1950s until the early-to-mid-1990s, by A.F. Mittermaier, of Fort Wayne, Indiana. It passed through a succession of owners in the 1990s until being acquired by William Ruger Jr. from Joe Morgan in th  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2012
Roadster Coupe
In January 1933 Packard launched the Tenth Series Packards, and the Twin Six from 1932 became the Twelve. The shorter 1933 Twelve had a 142-inch wheelbase and was available with 11 different body styles. One of the rarest and most desirable body styl  [Read More...]
Chassis Num: 638-14
Engine Num: 901263
Sold for $220,000 at 2013 Gooding & Company.
Packard built 520 examples of their top-of-the-line Twelve in 1933 in a generous range of catalogue and custom body styles. Just five examples of the 2-4 Passenger Coupe were built. They featured sporting lines, golf door, and rumble seat which it sh  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2013
Roadster Coupe
Chassis Num: 639-60
Engine Num: 9010157
Sold for $418,000 at 2014 RM Auctions.
The Twin Six was designed by Cornelius Van Ranst, whose resume included the Cord L-29, and was originally intended for a front-wheel drive Packard. The project never materialized but the engine survived and was transplanted to the chassis of the Delu  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2014
Roadster Coupe
Chassis Num: 63952
Sold for $242,000 at 2011 RM Auctions.
This Packard is a 2/4-Passenger Coupe Roadster of which less than 20 of the 50 original examples built remain in existence. The current owner purchased this car in January of 2002 from Packard dealer Tom Crook of Seattle, Washington. Lorin Tryon, the  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Jun 2014
Convertible Victoria
Coachwork: Dietrich
In competition with Cadillac's V12 and V16, Packard reintroduced a twin-six for 1932 and called it a twelve-cylinder car in 1933. By 1934 it displaced 445.5 cubic-inches, produced 160 horsepower and was said to be good for 100 mph, which some experts  [Read More...]
Chassis Num: 638-14
Engine Num: 901263
Sold for $220,000 at 2013 Gooding & Company.
The Packard Twelve was produced from 1933 to 1939 with over 35,000 cars built. Just five of the 1933 1005 Twelve Coupes were made, and now only two are known to exist. The V12-engined cars featured sporting lines, a golf door, and a rumble seat, whic  [Read More...]
Packard re-introduced a 12-cylinder motor in 1932. Called the 'Twin Six' after its predecessor, it was changed simply to 'Twelve' for 1933. It was built on two wheelbases - 142 inches and 1947 inches.  [Read More...]
Roadster Coupe
Chassis Num: 901376
Sold for $440,000 at 2015 Gooding & Company.
In 1933, the Packard V-12 powered models received a name change, from 'Twin Six' to 'Twelve.' They also received improved cooling, clutch, and suspension modifications.  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2015
Convertible Sedan
Chassis Num: 901536
Sold for $302,500 at 2015 Barrett-Jackson.
This Packard 12, Series 1005 Convertible Sedan was given a restoration in the late 1980s. Mr. Gordon Apker of Kent, WA purchased this vehicle from the drummer of the band 'Three Dog Night' in 1974, and performed its restoration. It was built near the  [Read More...]
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2015
Convertible Victoria
Coachwork: Dietrich
Chassis Num: 901136
Engine Num: 901140
Sold for $357,500 at 2012 RM Auctions.
Sold for $522,500 at 2017 RM Auctions.
This Packard 1005 Twelve, formerly called the Twin Six, wears Convertible Victoria coachwork by Dietrich. Ray Dietrich was Packard's most influential stylist in the early Classic Era and his custom creations rapidly became production offerings. Packa  [Read More...]
The Packard Twelve was produced from 1933 to 1939 with over 35,000 examples produced. It is considered by many to be one of the finest automobiles produced by Packard and one of the most significant creations of the classic car era. The long and flowing front hood hid a 445 cubic-inch side-valve twelve cylinder engine that was refined, powerful, smooth, and quiet.

The engine was originally destined for a front wheel drive project which eventually proved to have weaknesses. That and the anticipated development cost were too much to be practical so Packard decided to scrap the idea. Cadillac had introduced their 16-cylinder engine and other marques such as Pierce-Arrow were improving the performance of their offerings. Packard was feeling the pressure and decided to place the engine into the Deluxe Eight Chassis and dubbed it the Twin Six. The name was in honor of Packard's achievement fifteen years earlier when the introduced their first 12-cylinder engine. By 1933 the name was changed to Twelve to be inline with the rest of the Packard models.

Most of the Packard production Twelve's received factory bodies. Only a handful received custom coachwork by such greats as LeBaron and Dietrich.

In 1935 Packard introduced more horsepower and mechanical improvements. The suspension became more plush and comfortable while the steering became easier to operate. The cars were designed and built as one unit including the fenders, running boards, hood and body.

1936 the final year for 17 inch wire wheels and the double blade bumpers with hydraulic dampers.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2008
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