1948 Tucker 48 Image
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1948 Tucker 48 information
Chassis: 1017
Event : Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance
1948 Tucker 481948 Tucker 481948 Tucker 481948 Tucker 481948 Tucker 481948 Tucker 48
Designer: Alex Tremulis
Chassis Num: 1017
Tucker 1017 was first restored in the early 1970s by Tucker expert Bill Hamlin in California. It then was on display for many years at the San Diego Museum. There were 51 Tuckers produced in 1948 and 47 still exist, many in museums. The rear engine is a Franklin helicopter with water jackets added by Preston Tucker. The transmission is a Y-1 which was manufactured by the Tucker Corporation. Safety features such as a padded dash, a pop-out windshield and a crash chamber were the features Mr. Tucker promoted in his advertisements. The most distinguishing feature was the Cyclops eye located in the front which operated when turning corners. This 1017 was used in the movie, 'tucker, the Man and His Dream,' starring Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges. A two-year restoration was completed in 2005-2006 by the Fred Hunter Collection in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.