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Roy D. Chapin and Howard E. Coffin founded the Hudson Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan in 1909. Joseph L. Hudson, a local department store magnate, provided the financial backing and the name for the car company and its products.

This vehicle is a Model 20Roadster with bucket-type rear seat and was the company's sole body style during its inaugural year of business. Sales were immediately strong, with more than 4,000 cars sold its first year.

This roadster has a 100-inch wheelbase and weighs 1800 lbs. It is powered by an L-head four-cylinder, water cooled engine offering 20 horsepower. There is a three-speed manual transmission with floor shift controls.

Hudson and Nash merged to form American Motors in 1954. The Chrysler Corporation acquired AMC in 1987.
By Daniel Vaughan | Aug 2010
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