Allard Motor Works' J2X MkIII Now Made In the USA

March 3, 2016 by Allard

Allard Motor Works' J2X MkIII Now Made In the USASaratoga Springs, NY – March 1, 2016

Allard Motor Works LLC (AMW) is delighted to announce that its Allard J2X MkIII will now be produced in Valencia, CA. After eight years of development and eight years of operation and sales out of Montreal, Canada, AMW has chosen Southern California for the production and introduction of its new J2X MkIII. AMW President Roger Allard attributes this move to three key factors. 'Our move to the US and California in particular, is driven by our desire to move closer to our main market, to increase our production and to benefit from recent US federal legislation that recognizes the potential contribution of low-volume classic car manufacturers to the hobbyist segment and to the economy.'

'While we had many exciting and viable locations to choose from in climatically suitable areas of the US South, AMW chose California because of its long association with the marque, the wealth of experienced craftsmen in that region and the iconic car culture of that state,' adds Mr. Allard. 'The J-type competition roadster (Allard J2 and J2X) had a dominant role in early 1950's California racing scene – Torrey Pines, Santa Barbara, Pebble Beach, Palm Springs, Santa Ana and Golden Gate Park to name a few. Then there were the drivers– Bill Pollack (the 'winningest' Allard Driver), Tom Carsten, Al Moss (first West Coast Allard dealer), Ken Miles, Phil Hill, etc.. So, the fit is the right for us to ramp up the production of our new J2X MkIII.'

Work at the new facility is progressing at a great pace with an anticipated launch in June 2016. The Allard J2X MkIII will be a refinement of our successful J2X MkII. It will retain its original design but will integrate a number of suggestions from current owners and from many hours of personal travel, both on and off the track. 'High on our list of options will be a full windshield and wipers, because the small Brooklands windscreens are not everyone's 'cup of tea', although this popular configuration will still be available.' Also, AMW will be offering its full-turnkey roadsters with emission-compliant V8s. This feature not only complies with the new legislation, but it provides AMW with greater export potential in countries where it is mandatory.' To date, AMW's J2X MkIIs were powered by new Hemis, Cadillac and the GM RamJet V8s, ranging from 350 hp to 700 hp. The company will continue to make these choices available.

By combining solid engineering, high-quality craftsmanship, Allard Register authentication and low-volume production, AMW's J2X provides its customers with a unique and exclusive ownership experience. Roger Allard adds, 'Our tag line, 'Rarely Seen. Never Forgotten.', embodies the spirit of what we bring to individuals who are looking for an uncompromisingly distinctive look to their classic car collection with the reliability of a modern car.'

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