Special DS 7 Crossback Goes On UK Tour With DS Virtual Vision

By: DS Automobiles

Special DS 7 Crossback Goes On UK Tour With DS Virtual Vision  •DS 7 CROSSBACK is the new SUV from DS

•Unique early-built RHD SUV from DS is in the UK and On-Tour with Virtual Vision at key events, DSStores and DS Salons ahead of 2018 launch

•To transport the SUV from DS, a six-wheel car-transporter was commissioned that will initiate the bespoke ONLY YOU programme in the UK

A special, early-built DS 7 CROSSBACK, the SUV from DS, is on a UK Tour and on display at key DS promoted events, DS Stores and DS Salons ahead of its 2018 arrival. It represents the first opportunity for members of the public to see the vehicle first hand. The DS 7 CROSSBACK is being transported in a specially-commissioned bespoke six-wheeled transporter.

The DS 7 CROSSBACK UK Tour started at the DS Urban Store in London, where DS Virtual Vision gave attendees a 3D reality version of the vehicle allowing them to be fully-familiar with the car's appealing exterior and interior features. More recently the SUV from DS has been on display at the Taste of London food festival.


•Trafford Centre, Manchester - 29th June to 2nd July

•New DS Store Manchester - 4th to 9th July

•DS Salon Chester, Swansway – 11th to 12th July

•DS Automobiles Sponsored 'Dinner-in-the-Sky' London, Chelsea - 19th to 30th July

•BBC Countryfile Live event, Blenhiem Palace – 3rd to 6th August

•DS Salon Ipswich, John Grose – 10th to 12th August

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    •Intu Metrocentre, Gateshead – 16th to 19th August

    •DS Automobiles Sponsored 'Dinner-in-the-Sky' - Newcastle - 24th to 29th August

    •DS Store, Chatsworth – 31st August to 3rd September

    •DS Automobiles Sponsored 'Dinner-in-the-Sky', Bristol - 7th to 8th September

    •DS Automobiles Sponsored 'Dinner-in-the-Sky', Southampton - 21st to 24th September

    A country-wide tour acquainting the UK public with the new SUV from DS

    From June to October in 2017, DS 7 CROSSBACK will be touring the UK, from London to Glasgow, Manchester to Southampton, the car will be exhibited in UK cities and key locations like an invaluable, rare artefact. Customers, visitors, and simply intrigued bystanders will admire its charismatic design in DS Stores, DS Salons, and at exclusive private viewing sessions in premises reserved for the occasion. The DS Active LED Vision courtesy lighting will mesmerise them, as will the rear lights with their scale-like design.

    Arnaud Leclerc, UK DS Brand Development Director, explained, 'DS is bold and daring yet the brand also seeks to keep in touch with our prospective clients through a human touch. DS 7 CROSSBACK UK Tour is therefore a natural choice for presenting our new SUV to bring it as closely as possible to potential buyers. This is because the UK Tour is much more than a preview showing: it is a great chance for the general public to enter the DS brand world, with hi-quality DS Virtual Vision as an experience the closest to reality'.

    The UK Tour stopovers can be viewed at www.dsautomobiles.co.uk or on the DS UK Facebook page.

    DS 7 CROSSBACK is a sumptuous and well-equipped vehicle, embracing high-technological features that perpetuate the brand's philosophy. DS 7 CROSSBACK is being displayed at key events and DS Stores to permit closer access to this new SUV by DS. 'La Première' Limited Edition DS 7 CROSSBACK will be first model delivered to customers from 2018 with its high-specification, that is available to order in 2017, up until 31 December.

    Arnaud Ribault, DS Vice President and Global Sales and Marketing Director, commented: 'We're very proud of our newest addition to the range, DS 7 CROSSBACK, as it embodies the best of what DS has to offer in terms of exquisite craftsmanship, distinctive design, and state-of-the-art technology. We're very excited to be taking this unique vehicle on tour and presenting it ahead of launch to the UK audience.'

    To enhance the brand's spirit of exclusivity DS has launched DS 7 CROSSBACK La Première, which can be ordered online until 31st December 2017. La Première features many as standard features and bespoke items like the exclusive 20-inch PARIS wheels, embellished with Rubis and Carmine coloured detailing, La Première emblems on the front doors, and available in three colour choices: Pearls White, Artense Grey, and Perla Nera Black. The interior is a perfect example of the best French craftsmanship, with exclusive Art Rubis Nappa leather, pearl stitching and for an additional stylish touch, a rotating B.R.M R180 timepiece on the dashboard.

    DS 7 CROSSBACK La Première is the unique, exclusive launch edition of the vehicle. It can be reserved online (https://reservationlapremierefinance.ds7crossback.co.uk/) up to 31 December 2017. Ordering this car means being among the first drivers of DS 7 CROSSBACK, with deliveries from 2018.

    Visit https://reservationlapremierefinance.ds7crossback.co.uk/ to discover more.

    Upon seeing DS 7 CROSSBACK visitors can admire its charming design: its perfect dimensions and lighting signature make it stand out from the crowd. Thierry Metroz, DS Design Director, regularly refers to the model as 'an aesthetic pleasure with technological performance that is mesmerising and bewitching.' For Metroz, 'DS 7 CROSSBACK is a perfect blend of strength and sophistication'. Visitors can closely appreciate how La Première Limited Edition combines fine materials and supreme attention-to-detail, the DS hallmark. Lastly, a virtual-reality experience completes an immersion so visualise DS 7 CROSSBACK: DS Virtual Vision introduces the car's different interiors, branded Inspirations and the variations of specification and options available.

    DS 7 CROSSBACK and La Première Limited Edition

    DS 7 CROSSBACK heralds the second generation of DS models. This global SUV boasts refined style and technological prowess. It embodies French expertise by according prime materials with craftsmanship and technical innovation. Its cutting-edge technology offers peace-of-mind through dynamic performance: DS Connected Pilot augurs autonomous driving; DS Night Vision improves visibility in night driving; the brand's pioneering suspension - DS Active Scan Suspension, takes the edge off uneven road surfaces through continuous adjustment of the dampers; and the hybrid E-Tense engine combines 300hp and 4WD with 60km of zero-emission driving. This trailblazing technology makes the DS 7 CROSSBACK a cluster of innovations.

    DS 7 CROSSBACK will be on-sale exclusively in DS Stores, DS Salons, and at DS Urban Store in London. Here is an overview of the different showcases;

    •DS Store (Over 250m²): this DS retail outlet offers the entire DS brand experience. It is a luxury boutique dedicated to the automotive industry with a unique atmosphere (colour scheme, furniture specially designed for DS, lighting effects, rooms scented with a DS essence fragrance, mood music, etc.). Its showroom has a capacity for exhibiting at least six vehicles. It is made up of a customer car park, a waiting room, a boutique selling accessories and merchandise, and a special after-sales reception.

    •DS Salon (Over 125m²): this is a space dedicated to the DS brand. It has a distinct design identity inside (flooring, walls, ceiling, logo, sales desk, customer reception, and Lifestyle boutique) and outside (totem). At least three DS models are exhibited in a DS Salon.

    •DS Urban Store: this new DS boutique concept with a focus on digital technology offers a retail outlet, a brand experience, and immersion in the DS world. Designed to blend well into an upmarket urban district with a high rate of passing trade, the store can be located at street level or nestled within a shopping centre.

  • Photo credit: DS Automobiles
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