Watch BAC Mono Supercars Go Extreme On The Frozen Lakes Of Sweden In Second Mono Ice Driving Experience


Watch BAC Mono Supercars Go Extreme On The Frozen Lakes Of Sweden In Second Mono Ice Driving Experience  •Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is celebrating the second successful hosting of the ultimate winter driving experience – descending on the frozen lakes of Sweden for a high-intensity driving test

•The Mono Ice Driving Experience saw the BAC Family and two Mono supercars head to Åre to take on the most extreme driving conditions and push the famous single-seater to its limit

•Mono is considered the ultimate piece of sporting equipment – a tool that delivers the very best experience for the sport of driving – and BAC's specially selected clients and enthusiasts were lucky enough to reap its benefits in the most stunning of wintry settings

•VIDEO: Get a feel for the Mono lifestyle and watch the cars in action on the ice here:

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is celebrating a hugely successful second running of the Mono Ice Driving Experience, hitting the frozen lakes of Sweden for a high-intensity test in the greatest driver's car of them all – Mono.

Watch BAC Mono Supercars Go Extreme On The Frozen Lakes Of Sweden In Second Mono Ice Driving Experience  Mono is famed for being the ultimate piece of sporting equipment, a tool that delivers the very best experience for the sport of driving. And in the western region of Åre, the sport's pinnacle was in full motion as part of an exhilarating four-day adventure.

The BAC team with its specially selected clients and enthusiasts mapped out various tracks on the Swedish ice before unleashing Mono on it, resulting in a thorough examination of the most extreme driving against a stunning wintry backdrop.

You can watch the Monos in action and get a feel for life with the BAC family here:

Sub-zero temperatures and truly testing conditions forced guests to push both themselves and Mono to the limit while on the ice, but both came through in spectacular fashion.

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    BAC takes prides in being more connected with its clients than any other supercar manufacturer and is forever giving back to those who gave the brand its phenomenal stature worldwide.

    Being a Mono owner means being part of the BAC Family, a community of like-minded enthusiasts who come together to celebrate a mutual love of driving. And despite coming from different backgrounds and driving skills, BAC's instructors provided expert tuition on the intricacies of Mono ice driving to have them performing like pros.

    BAC came away from the Mono Ice Driving Experience having achieved its primary goal: giving its clients and friends the raw Mono experience and having plenty of fun along the way.

    BAC Co-Founder and Design Director, Ian Briggs, said: 'What a fantastic adventure! The first Mono Ice Driving Experience was an overwhelming success last year, and we took everything about that trip and made it better this time around. Spirits were high for the duration and it was amazing to see our friends getting to grips with Mono on the ice in spectacular fashion. Mono and our drivers were tested thoroughly, of course, but this is the ultimate piece of sporting equipment that simply thrives even in the most extreme conditions. Our video perfectly captures what it means to be part of the BAC Family – having unbelievable fun behind the wheel of Mono but also coming together as one when the helmets are off.'

    BAC will showcase the Mono lifestyle once again in May this year, when it will take clients to the Isle of Man for a scintillating, no-holds-barred festival of Mono fun.

    Bespoke supercar manufacturer BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) is based in Liverpool and was co-founded by brothers Ian and Neill Briggs. It produces the fast and highly acclaimed Mono supercar, a single-seater formula-style car that provides a visceral and exhilarating driving experience.

    Since its launch in 2011 it has been going from strength to strength and is now sold in several markets around the world. It launched with great success and fanfare in Hong Kong at the end of 2015, with eight cars sold in a single night. BAC dealers can also be found in North America, Japan and London.

    The 2016 model year version of the Mono comes with a four-cylinder 305bhp 2.5-litre Mountune engine, which takes the 580kg car from 0-60mph in just 2.8sec.

    BAC recently launched a carbon hybrid wheel and announced the use of super material graphene, which is up to 20 per cent lighter than carbon fibre and as much as 200 times stronger than steel.

    Despite its global appeal, BAC Mono remains proudly British, with parts sourced from its home country wherever possible.

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