Dacia celebrates eight million global sales

• Dacia is celebrating the sale of its eight millionth vehicle globally, only 19 years after it expanded out from its Romanian home market

•Its range is now marketed in 44 countries, with Dacia the leading retail brand in Europe for the second consecutive year

•Milestone includes sales of 2.78 million Sanderos and 2.26 million Dusters

•The unique global offering of the all-electric Dacia Spring and dual-fuel versions of every model ensure the disruptive brand is ready to meet customers' changing mobility needs

Dacia has sold its eight millionth vehicle globally, with the monumental achievement underlining the brand's meteoric rise from the national manufacturer of Romania to a major household name that is renowned throughout Europe.

Back in 2004, the brand commenced its exciting journey, promoting a pragmatic vision for vehicles and constantly redefining what matters by focusing on offering the best value for money on the market.

In the 19 years since, which has seen Dacia first expand into Eastern Europe and later into many more countries across the continent, the brand has gone from strength-to-strength. With its models marketed in 44 countries around the world, the brand has gathered an ever-growing following and a reputation for being a disruptive force in the automotive industry.

Although its birthplace, Romania, is one of Dacia's top five countries, France represents its leading market in terms of sales, followed by Italy. For the second consecutive year, Dacia is the leading retail brand in Europe.

2023 has also been a highly memorable year for Dacia in the UK with the brand celebrating 10 years of disrupting the UK car market and selling its 250,000th car. This followed the brand more than doubling its sales in 2022 compared to 2021.

This success helped Dacia achieve a record market share of 7.6% in the European retail market (compared with 6.2% in 2021). For the sixth consecutive year (since 2017), the Dacia Sandero was the most sold car in the European retail market. The Duster ranked second in 2022 and has also been the best-selling SUV to retail customers since 2018.

These two best-selling models have played a major role in Dacia reaching the eight million sales milestone. Broken down by model, the figure consists of 2.78 million Sanderos, 2.26 million Dusters, 1.97 million Logans, 630,000 Dokkers, 346,000 Lodgys, 93,000 Springs, 80,000 Joggers, 107,000 others including Solenzas.

The impressive figures prove that customers have strongly bought into the brand philosophy, which has never deviated over the years. To symbolise the trust between Dacia and its customers, the brand introduced its new emblem – 'Dacia Link' – in 2021, which consists of a 'D' and 'C' connected in the middle.

Further highlighting the brand's rugged and adventurous nature, 40% of customers live in the countryside. People who purchase the Dacia Spring – Europe's most affordable new electric car – are the most rural (50%), the innovative all-electric hatchback being at home in the country as it is in the city.

Due for launch in the UK in 2024, the all-electric Spring also plays a significant role in Dacia striving to address the concerns regarding future mobility. Despite the environmental challenges facing society today, Dacia is the only manufacturer to equip every vehicle in its retail range with dual-fuel engines, and market an affordable electric vehicle.

Having disrupted the automotive industry for the past 19 years, the brand is set to continue its revolution, evolving and innovating to meet customers' mobility requirements today and tomorrow.

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