Deluxe steering wheel and padded dash $32   
 Heater and defroster $91   
 Hydra-Matic attachments  considered standard but cost extra 
 Lamp grp. $23   
 Plains ratio option  3.08:1 axle for all cars except Safari models 
 Radios $99-125   
 Air conditioning $431   
 Cowl vent chrome trim and Custom wheel discs $22   
 Deluxe basic grp. $256   
 Deluxe carpet floor mat $11   
 Dual exhaust $24   
 Eight-way power seat $97   
 Electric clock $11   
 Mirror grp. $12   
 Power brakes $39   
 Power steering $108   
 Power Sweep Contour electric wiper/washer $25   
 Power windows $102   
 Six-way manual seat $41   
 Strato-Flight Hydra-Matic $231  used in all lines 
 Tinted glass $34   
 White sidewall tire $59   
Prices ranged from $10 - $431
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