1939 BMW 321

1939 BMW 321 Cabriolet

This pre-war cabriolet rolled off the BMW assembly line in Eisenach in 1939 and soon after was transported three hours away to the small town of Heilbronn to the Drauz Karosseriewerke. Drauz took the already potent 2.0-liter in-line six-cylinder engine and advanced suspension and added a custom body tailored to the individual owner's specifications. Features like two-tone paint, unique chrome side grilles and landau bars separated the Drauz coach built edition from the standard model. Rear hinged doors and the front pontoon-style fenders were both standard on the 321 sedan and cabriolet. Its original color was 'Elfenbein' or ivory with a black leather interior. The original registration was completed on July 1, 1939 just two months before the outbreak of World War II. Toward the end of the war this car made its way to the Czech Republic. It was there the car was restored by Marek Matejcek, Pilsen, Czech Republic. The car was brought to the United States in early 2011.

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