In this report we look at past months of Honda sales data and compare it to previous months and the previous years.

Honda Brand Sales Volume


Honda Model Sales Volume

Honda ModelsFebruary 2023

Based on the Data

  • Based on the data available, there were 277,579 vehicles sold during February of 2023 in the United States.
  • Honda sold 72,839 vehicles which accounted for 26.2% of the market production.
  • There were 265,251 vehicles sold a year ago, in February of 2022.
  • There were 255,838 vehicles sold a month ago, in January of 2023.
  • The Top Five Sales for February of 2023

    VehcleSalesMarket Percentage
    2023 Honda CR-V16,1265.8%
    2023 Honda Accord11,5094.1%
    2023 Kia Forte10,4453.8%
    2023 Kia Sportage10,1173.6%
    2023 Subaru Outback9,1083.3%

    Honda Sales Volume News

    American Honda February Sales Navigate Multiple Issues; Acura Continues Strong Start in 2023

    American Honda February sales near 85,000 units with strong start for Acura brand in 2023 MDX and Integra lead Acura sales with the brand topping 10,000 units in February Sales of the 2023 North American Car of the Year™, the Acura Integra, top 2 ....

    Stronger Inventory Helps American Honda Start 2023 with Double-Digit Sales Growth

    American Honda sales up 14.3 year-over-year as stronger inventory improves January sales start Honda brand sales top 75,000 units (up 10) as double the on-hand inventory compared to last year helps overcome impact of winter storms Total CR-V ....

    American Honda Posts Positive Finish to Tough Sales Year as Increased Supply Helps Meet Strong Demand

    American Honda posts best sales month since March Honda and Acura combine to nearly 1M units in 2022 Honda posts second best month and quarter of 2022, taking brand above 880,000 in annual sales Civic and Accord achieved their best sales of 20 ....

    American Honda November Sales Led by All-new Models

    American Honda November sales totaled nearly 80,000 units Honda crossovers lead the way with all-new CR-V sales of almost 20,000 units and all-new HR-V over 9,000 units, logging its best month since June All-new Pilot goes on-sale in December a ....

    American Honda October Sales Continue Sales Momentum with Best Results in Six Months

    American Honda October sales top 81,000 units, best monthly performance since April despite ongoing supply and transportation issues Acura sales top 9,000 units for best month since April passenger cars top 3,500 units for first time in 2022 A ....

    American Honda August Sales Constrained by Supply Issues; Bright Spots Remain

    American Honda August sales top 71,461 units, despite West Coast rail embargo contributing to supply woes High turn rates continue for both Honda and Acura brands inventory days supply remains in single digits Light truck sales lead Honda as Ri ....

    American Honda July Sales Continue to Reflect Strong Demand and Limited Inventory

    American Honda July sales top 71,000 units, as strong retail demand continues despite supply chain and logistics constraints Honda and Acura brands see unprecedented high turn rates across both lineups Light truck sales lead Honda brand with CR ....

    American Honda May sales top 75,000 units, with supply constrained and inventories at historic lows Continued strong retail demand yields record high turn rates of over 80 for Honda brand More than half of Civic and CR-V sales are pre-sold b ....

    American Honda April Sales Limited by Supply Constraints

    American Honda April sales top 93,000 units, despite difficult supply constraints HR-V scored a 15th straight monthly sales record, with sales of 13,785 units Honda passenger car sales top 30,000 units despite inventory issues Accord Hybrid s ....

    American Honda Posts Strong March Sales with Slight Improvement in Product Supply

    American Honda sales near 110,000 units, best since August 2021, on improved supply and sustained demand Honda sets new monthly record for electrified vehicles on strong sales of CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid HR-V scored a 14th straight monthly ....

    Supply Issues and Winter Storm Landon Constrain American Honda February Sales Momentum

    Multiple supply issues and Winter Storm Landon disrupt progress in improving vehicle inventory Customer demand remains strong with nearly 60 of vehicles en route to dealers pre-sold HR-V continues strong performance in February with 13th conse ....

    Record Light Truck Sales Lead American Honda to Strong Finish in 2021 Despite Supply Issues

    American Honda nears 1.5 million in sales despite severe supply issues during 2nd half of 2021 Honda light truck sales set new record topping 800,000 units as brand posts sales of over 1.3 million vehicles Sales of Honda electrified vehicles se ....

    Crossovers Highlight November Sales as American Honda Continues to Manage Industry Supply Issues

    American Honda auto sales totaled 85,055 units due to limited inventory of key Honda and Acura models Honda HR-V sets 10th straight monthly sales mark, establishing a new annual sales record in just 11 months CR-V tops 20,000 units with record ....

    Light Trucks Buffer American Honda October Sales Through Industry Supply Issues

    American Honda nears 100,000 in sales despite limited inventory of key all-new Honda and Acura models Honda HR-V sets 9th straight monthly sales mark, while Passport just misses 10th straight monthly record CR-V nets more than 25,000 in sales wi ....

    Honda trucks persevere with all-time best month for Passport HR-V posts all-time best September %26 Q3 Sales of Honda electrified vehicles set new annual sales mark during Q3 Insight sets September record Acura TLX drives brand to best Q3 sedan ....