Alco Model Six Supercar Information

Alco Model Six

The Alco Company produced vehicles from 1909 through 1913, but their history began a few years prior. During the early 1900s, the American Locomotive Company was the largest producer of steam locomotives in the world. By 1905 they began exploring automobile......

Benz 82/200HP Supercar Information

Benz 82/200HP

This 1913 Benz 82200 HP Touring car has a massive, 21.5-Liter engine. In the early days of motoring, before there was limit on displacement size in racing, the best way to increase horsepower was to increase the displacement size. Displacement size......

Peugeot L45 Supercar Information

Peugeot L45

This Peugeot L45 was driven by Dario Resta to a top-three finish at the 1915 Indianapolis 500 and a first-place finish at the 1916 Indianapolis 500. It also won the Vanderbilt Cup that year. The car is powered by a double overhead cam, hemispherical......

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