Pierce Arrow Model 48 Supercar Information

Pierce Arrow Model 48

The Pierce-Arrow Model 48 continued the companys reputation for luxury and innovation. On December 12, 1912, the company applied for a patent that concerned headlights mounted on the crown of the fenders to allow for improved lighting. The grant was......

Pierce Arrow Series 51 Supercar Information

Pierce Arrow Series 51

1n 1909, President William Howard Taft ordered a Pierce-Arrow to be used for State occasions. This was a very considerable honor for a motor car that had been in production for only eight years. Later the Government decided to order yet another very......

Voisin C1 Supercar Information

Voisin C1

Gabriel Voisins aircraft manufacturing business located in Issy les Moulinxeaux was very successful during the Great War. Once wartime subsided, the companys resources were diverted into the production of automobiles. The first model was the C1.......

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