Stromberg Downdraft 2-barrel carburetor

Engines/Vehicles with this Fuel Feed
5276.64 cc V-8 125.00 HP
1936 Cadillac
6305.74 cc S-8 135.00 BHP
1933 Chrysler
6305.74 cc S-8 125.00 BHP
1933 Chrysler
1933 Chrysler CL Custom Imperial
1933 Chrysler CL Custom Imperial 
5276.64 cc V-8 125.00 HP
1936 Cadillac
1936 Cadillac Series 60
5669.92 cc V-8 135.00 HP
1936 Cadillac
1936 Cadillac Series 70
5669.92 cc V-8 135.00 HP
1937 Cadillac
1937 Cadillac Series 60
1937 Cadillac Series 70
4380.26 cc V-12 110.00 BHP
1937 Lincoln
1937 Lincoln Zephyr
6784.24 cc V-12 150.00 HP
1939 Lincoln
1939 Lincoln Model K
4380.26 cc V-12 110.00 BHP
1939 Lincoln
1939 Lincoln Zephyr
5669.92 cc V-8 150.00 BHP
1941 Cadillac
1941 Cadillac Series 62
1941 Cadillac Series 63
1941 Cadillac Series 61
1941 Cadillac Series 60 Special
1941 Cadillac Series 75
1941 Cadillac Custom Limousine
1941 Cadillac Series 67
5669.92 cc V-8 150.00 HP
1942 Cadillac
1942 Cadillac Series 75
1942 Cadillac Series 62
1942 Cadillac Series 61
1942 Cadillac Series 60 Special
Other Components Made by this Manufacturer
1 Stromberg downdraft carburetor
2 Carter or Stromberg carburetor
2 Stromberg carburetors
3 Stromberg carburetors
Carter 4485 or Stromberg AAV-25
Carter 487-S or Stromberg AAV-16
Carter Stromberg Model BXOV-26 1-barrel
Carter WCD 2-barrel or Stromberg AAV 26 2-barrel
Rochester 1-barrel B or BC or Stromberg
Stromberg 03 updraft carburetor
Stromberg 1-barrel carburetor
Stromberg 1-barrel Model WW3-159
Stromberg 1.5-inch updraft carburetor
Stromberg 1.5-inch updraft carburetor or 2 Miller Carburetors
Stromberg 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel downdraft carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel Model 7-106 or Carter 2529 or 2536
Stromberg 2-barrel Model AAV-2 carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-108
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-124
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-131
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-135
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-148
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-149
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW7-109B or Carter 2-barrel w/Synchro
Stromberg 2-barrel or Carter 2-barrels w/Synchnomesh
Stromberg 2-barrel WW3-258 carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel WWC-3-188 carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel WWC-3-244
Stromberg 2V model EE-22
Stromberg 380359; 380349;Carter E9Al
Stromberg 4AUV267 carburetor
Stromberg AA UVB 267 carburetor
Stromberg AA UVB carburetor
Stromberg AAV-16 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg AAV-16 380106 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg AAV-25 dual downdraft carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 dual downdraft carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 number 380097 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 number 380097 carburetor
Stromberg AAV-267 #380226 & Carter 609 or 664
Stromberg AAV-267# 380226 carburetor
Stromberg AAVB 267 carburetor
Stromberg AUV267 carburetor
Stromberg BXV-2 single barrel carburetor
Stromberg BXV-3 1-barrel
Stromberg BXVD 1-barrel Model 3-93
Stromberg BXVD 1-barrel Model 3-93A
Stromberg DD downdraft 2-barrel
Stromberg DD3 downdraft 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg Downdraft 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg Duplex carburetor
Stromberg EE-1 2-barrel downdraft carburetor
Stromberg EE-1 carburetor
Stromberg EE22 downdraft 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg IV model EX-32 carburetor
Stromberg Model 0X2 carburetor
Stromberg Model AAUVB-26 2-barrel
Stromberg Model BXOV-26 1-barrel carburetor
Stromberg model DD-3 carburetor
Stromberg Model WW 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg Model WW3-163 2-barrel
Stromberg Model WWUVL-26 2-barrel
Stromberg or Carter 2378
Stromberg UUR2 Carburetor
Stromberg WWC 2-barrel Model 3-188
Stromberg WWC-3 2-barrel model 221
Stromberg WWC-3 2-barrel model 244
Stromberg WWC-3188 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg WWC-3188 2-barrel model 201A
Stromberg WWG-122A carburetor

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