Dodge La Femme

Dodge Custom Royal Lancer LaFemme

Total Production: 2,500 1955 - 1956
The Dodge La Femme was produced during the 1955 and 1956 model year with total production reaching 2500 units during those two years. 1500 were produced in 1955 and 1000 in 1956. The La Femme was a $143 option package that was marketed toward woman buyers. The vehicle was the Dodge Custom Royal Lancer, and the package included either 'Sapphire White' or 'Heather Rose' paint scheme. Gold colored 'La Femme' scripts adorned the vehicle and replaced the customary 'Custom Royal Lancer' script on the car's front fenders. The interior continued the female ambiance, with a special tapestry material featuring pink rosebuds on a pale pink background and pale pink vinyl trim. Included in the purchase price was a rectangular purse that matched the interior of the car. A special compartment kept the purse safe while the vehicle was being driven. Inside of the purse was a lipstick case, cigarette case, lighter, and change purse, made by Evans.

The car also came with a custom raincoat, rain bonnet, and umbrella which also coordinated with the rosebud interior.

For 1956, the Heather Rose and Sapphire White paint scheme was replaced with a Misty Orchid and Regal Orchid color scheme.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jun 2007