BMW 318i

BMW 318ti
1999 BMW 318ti
Original Price: $23,865

BMW 318i

BMW 318i
1985 BMW 318i
Original Price: $16,435 - $16,930
Average Auction Sale: $2,000
BMW 318i
1984 BMW 318i
Original Price: $16,435
Average Auction Sale: $3,113

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318i History

The BMW 320i was the best selling BMW in the United States when the company replaced it in 1983 with the 318i. Those 320i models that had not yet sold were offered for sale along side the newly introduced 318i models. The 318i was similar, yet different, to the model it was replacing. The car was updated with more aerodynamic features such as a sloped hood and a spoiler in the front. Power was from an overhead-cam four-cylinder engine that produced around 100 horsepower. They were fitted to five-speed gearboxes or three-speed automatics. Several options were available as standard including air conditioning, courtesy lights, electric antennas, and intermittent wipers.

For 1984, there were little changes to the newly introduced BMW 318i. The two-door sedan with seating for five sold for $16,430. Standard equipment, engine power, and transmission options remained the same.

The BMW 318i was produced from 1983 through 1985 and then from 1991 through 1999. When the 318i was brought back in the early 1990s, it offered customers an entry-level, lower priced 3-Series BMW car. It was available as a sedan, coupe and convertible.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2013
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