BMW 335

Total Production: 410 1939 - 1941
The Bavarian firm, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), produced the six-cylinder sports sedan named the BMW 335 from 1939 through 1941. A prototype example was first presented at London in 1938 and the car was branded for these purposes as a Frazer Nash. The production version was launched for the German market as the BMW 335 in 1939. Production was short-lived, as the German invasion of Poland in September of 1939 triggered the Second World War. By the time passenger car production ceased around 1941, it is believed that more than 400 examples had been assembled.

Power was from an overhead valve straight-6 cylinder engine displacing 3485cc and mated to a 4-speed manual synchromesh transmission.
By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2016

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