Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick
Ford Maverick
Ford Maverick
Replacing the Falcon, the Ford Maverick was introduced in 1970 and became the only car to sell as competitively as the Mustang.

Designed and released five years after the Mustang, the Maverick beat Mustang sales by 5,000 more units sold in its first year.

The name Maverick has been used on several models during the 70's, the Grabber, Stallion, and Sprint. The Maverick name has also appeared on several different SUV's in both Australia and Europe.
Even after it's potential was met in the U.S., Australia released an SUV based on the Nissan Patrol GR from 1988 to 1998.

From 1993 to 2001 a completely different Maverick was sold in Europe under the same name. Built at Nissan Motor Espana, despite the badge, the Nissan Terrano II had no Ford parts.
Brazil released its own Maverick version from 1973 to 1979. A rare station wagon version was introduced in 1975 in Brazil though generally the Maverick was only found in 2-door and 4-door versions.

The purchase price was US $1,995 in 1970, this original rear-wheel-drive compact 2-door sedan was built in the USA, Canada, and Mexico until 1977.

During it's first production year, the two-door coupe came with only two available engine options, the 170 I6, and the 200 I6.
1971 brought the introduction of the four-door model with available 250 I6, 302 V8.
Improvement on the vehicle began in 1973 as the 200 I6 and LDO grill became standard on the Maverick. Better more dependable brakes also became a permanent feature along with AM/FM stereo, aluminum wheels and the federal bumper.
In the following year, the high rise in gas prices increased the Maverick's popularity as sales soared to 10,000 units sold from the previous year.
1976 brought along an updated new grill and front disc brakes that became standard.
The release of the Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch hurt sales, and in 1977 the Maverick reached its prime and was replaced by the Ford Fairmont.

By Jessica Donaldson