1922 Templar A-445

The name Templar came from the medieval religious order, the Knights Templar, as did the symbol, the Maltese cross. The Templar automobile company was formed during World War I and produced high-quality and modern automobiles with sporty appearances partially influenced by European construction. The Templar's was comprised of components purchased from other marques. The engines and final assembly were handled by the Templar facility, which was located in Lakewood, Ohio.

In modern times, the Templar automobile is not widely known. Though their automobiles were attractive and sporty, the company had trouble surviving during the post-World War depression. The competition was fierce. In 1920 a Templar automobile captured a record for traveling from New York to Chicago in 26 hours and 10 minutes, smashing the prior record by more than six hours. The company advertised its excellent gas mileage, powerful engines, ability to climb any hill it encountered, and low oil use. A tragic fire in 1921 burnt a Templar factory, and the following year the company declared bankruptcy. A year later, the company was reorganized under new management, but the company never recovered. In 1924 the Templar Company stopped producing automobiles forever.

By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2010

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1922 A-445
1922 Templar A-445 Price Range: $1,985 - $2,985

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Specification Comparison by Year

118.00 in.
196.80 CID., 50.00hp
$1,985 - $2,985
118.00 in.
4 cyl., 197.00 CID., 43.00hp
$1,985 - $2,785
118.00 in.
4 cyl., 197.00 CID., 43.00hp
$1,985 - $2,785

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