1916 Chandler Model Six

The Cleveland based Chandler Company produced automobiles in the mid-price range. Founded in 1913 by Fred Chandler, the company experienced immediate success with the quality car with a competitive price tag. By the early 1920's, the Chandler Company was Cleveland's largest producer of automobiles and ranked 13th in US production. Their popularity continued to prosper during the mid-1920s, but by 1928 they were purchased by the Hupp Motor Company. A year later they were out of business. The onset of the Great Depression, World War I, a changing economy, and fierce competition were a few of the reasons for the company's demise.

The durability of the Chandler automobile was proven in 1915 when one of their automobiles was driven from Tijuana, Mexico to Vancouver, Canada, a distance of 1889 miles, without a stop for repairs. The quality and reliability of the Chandlers was their strong selling point. By improving their production methods, the price was able to be lowered from year to year. In 1913 a five-passenger touring car cost nearly $1800 but dropped to around $1300 by 1916. This meant it was selling in the four-cylinder price range for many marques.

In 1916 this was the least expensive Chandler model on the market. It carried a factory price of $1295 and had seating for two in the front, three in the back and jump seats in the middle.
By Daniel Vaughan | May 2006
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