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2006 Allard J2X MKII

The Legend

The legendary British roadster, the Allard J2X, is back in production, some 50 years after its London-based operation ceased offering this successful model. From 1951-54, the Allard Motor Company, under the leadership of Sydney Allard, built 83 J2Xs. A number of these gained international recognition on closed circuit racetracks, rallies and hillclimbs, in Europe and in North America, at the hands of such iconic figures as Carroll Shelby, Zora Duntov, Masten Gregory, Gen. Curtis LeMay, Bill Pollack, Steve McQueen and of course, Sydney Allard (who place 3rd in LeMans wîth his J-type).

Today, Montreal-based Allard Motor Works Inc. (AMW), founded in 1999 by Roger P. Allard, is reintroducing the J2X to world markets. With design and prototyping offices in Montreal and production facilities in Champlain, NY, the company has set its annual production upper-limit of J2Xs at 100 units per year. 'We want to provide our customers wîth a high-quality handcrafted product that will remain rare and provide appreciating values over time,' comments Roger Allard. 'We are in an enviable position having been awarded, by the Allard Registry, special serial numbers and all of our vehicles are included in the Allard Registry.'

The new Allard J2X is designated as a Mk1, to differentiate it from its ‘next of kin', as certain modifications were introduced wîth the consent of the Allard Registry and the Allard Owners Club. 'The Mk1 looks identical to the vintage roadster, however, we have introduced a significant level of engineering and sophistication to the J2X, without sacrificing its spirit,' adds Mr. Allard. 'The areas we concentrated on were safety, reliability, comfort and handling. Our Mk1 body combines composite material and aluminium; our cockpit was stretched by 4 inches; we CAD-designed our chassis to include energy-absorption, impact bars, roll-over protection and lowered the center of gravity; we use the latest in suspension, §teering and drivetrain, and improved the overall comfort of the new J2X. We even have a trunk that will accommodate two sets of golf clubs!'

The Allard J2X Mk1 will continue the tradition of powering its roadster wîth big American V-8s, wîth the GM 350 RamJet PFI (350 hp) as its standard engine, offering the Chrysler 5.7 liter Hemi, the 6.1 liter Hemi and the Cadillac rear-drive Northstar as options. The standard transmission is the Tremec TKO 5-speed wîth overdrive. Automatic is optional. The suspension is independent front and back wîth fully-adjustable shocks. The front suspension uses unequal A-arms at the front, rack & pinion §teering and is equipped wîth Wilwood 4-piston rotors. The rear sports a cast aluminium center section wîth a 9' differential, inboard ventilated Wilwood disc brakes, aluminium risers, providing a minimum of unsprung weight on the 235 x 60 x 16' Dunlop ZR-rated performance tires.

These are mounted on 72-spoke Dayton Wire wheels. The cockpit is dressed in high quality leathers and carpets, machine-turned aluminium dash, mahogany or walnut §teering wheel, adjustable bucket seats and the original layout of instruments which included ‘Allard' signature instruments that mean business.

'We are providing a package that is distinctive. It continues the spirit of the original Allards, but that is more suited to today's market,' comments Roger Allard. 'The market is swamped wîth ‘look-alikes' but the car aficionado is lòòking for something that is unique, distinctive, that makes a statement and that's a blast to drive. We have a niche product that does the job!'

The Allard J2X Mk1 are produced in Champlain, NY, and Montreal. Engineering has begun on a number of options to include a full-width windshield, an all-weather rag-top unit and a lightweight rigid removable hardtop. A track version is also in the planning stages. Allard Motor Works is currently offering a full line of complimentary accessories to include ‘Allard' bomber jackets, aviator-style helmets, gauntlets, goggles, silk scarves, limited edition art and performance accessories. These can be found at

Current list price for the Allard J2X Mk1 is ÚSD $95,000. While dealership arrangements are being explored in North America, Europe, Australia and the Orient, all sales are currently handled directly by Allard Motor Works.

50th Anniversary Edition
Allard Motor Works is committed to bringing back the legendary Allard J2X to sports car enthusiasts. Our 50th Anniversary Edition Allard J2X is designed to provide owners wîth a more comfortable, safer, more reliable and higher performing J2X than those that created the legend on the track during the 1950s. Steeped in a tradition of racing, the AMW J2X is designed to provide its owner wîth a high-quality distinctive product that will be the envy of all classic
car lovers.

To ensure exclusivity, AMW will make available only 100 J2Xs per year world wide, irrespective of the demand. This, combined wîth special serial numbers assigned by the Allard Registry, fidelity to the original look and inclusion in the Allard Registry, will ultimately make the AMW J2X a much sought-after collector's item.

I am proud of my mission to bring this legendary British roadster back to life and to stir the passion for excitement and prestige that lies within all of us.

Source - Allard
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