1970 TVR Vixen S2

1970 TVR Vixen S2 1970 TVR Vixen S2 1970 TVR Vixen S2
Fastback Coupe
This purposeful TVR has a race and rally history from new. Recently restored by the current owner, it has won numerous Best in Class awards at events including the Woodword TVR Gathering, British Invasion, Lars Anderson and the New York Yacht Club Classic.
The TVR Vixen was introduced in 1967 and served as a replacement for the TVR Grantura, which had been in production since 1958. The Grantura was TVR's first car and featured a wide variety of engines that ranged from one to four liters in size. A Ford small block eight-cylinder unit was also used.

There were four series of the Vixen beginning with the S1. An MGB engine was used in an effort to reduce costs. After twelve examples were created and when production went into full-swing, the Ford MK II Cortina GT engine was used. In 1968 the S2 appeared and it sat atop a slightly longer wheelbase. The S3 was introduced in 1970 and the final iteration of the series, the S4, was introduced two years later.

Most of the Vixens were powered by the Ford Cortina GT engines and all featured GRP bodies.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2006

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