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2007 Maybach 57

Maybach 57 and Maybach 62: Maybach sets the standards for the high-end luxury class

- Hand-crafted excellence and state-of-the-art automotive technology
- Outstanding performance thanks to 550-hp twelve-cylinder biturbo engine
- Ten airbags for exemplary safety

Designed wîth painstaking attention to detail and built in a state-of-the-art 'Manufaktur', the Maybach 57 and Maybach 62, which were launched in 2002, have been continuing the tradition of the legendary Maybach cars of the 1920s and 30s, which stood alongside Mercedes-Benz models as some of the finest examples of automotive excellence worldwide. The model designations are a reference to the majestic lengths of these unique vehicles: the flagship Maybach 62 measures 6.17 metres, whilst the Maybach 57 is 5.73 metres long.
Furthermore, these advanced luxury saloons are equipped wîth a wealth of outstanding automotive technology dedicated to making travelling in a Maybach as enjoyable and as safe as possible. They have set new standards for outstanding equipment and superb craftsmanship at the very top of the passenger car market. At the same time, these luxury vehicles reflect the expertise of DaimlerChrysler as the world's oldest and most innovative car maker and reap the benefits of the vast experience of Maybach's sister brand Mercedes-Benz in the development and production of high-quality models in the luxury car §egmènt.

As a result, key Mercedes-Benz innovations have been further developed for the Maybach Saloons and are fitted as standard. These include the AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension, LINGÚATRONIC voice controlled operation and the COMAND APS control and display system.

These are joined by further examples of peerless vehicle engineering which have been developed specially for Maybach and also serve to reinforce the claim of the luxury car brand to a high-end position in the automotive market. There is the 405-kW/550-hp twelve-cylinder engine, a 600-watt sound system providing Dolby surround sound at every seat, a highly efficient four-zone automatic climate control system based on two separate air conditioning systems and - exclusively in the Maybach 62 - rear seats which boast an enviably comfortable reclining position. One particular highlight is the electro-transparent panoramic glass roof (available as an option for the Maybach 62 in conjunction wîth a solar module which provides extremely pleasant auxiliary ventilation).

Design: aesthetics and eleganceThe new Maybach models combine impressive technological leadership wîth unsurpassed aesthetics, flawless quality and captivating elegance. The new Maybach is the result of imposing size and presence moulded into the most elegant of saloons, wîth an inimitable stylistic allure which exudes the perfect balance of classic inspiration and avant-garde innovation. Form, colour and materials blend together seamlessly to give the Maybach high-end luxury Saloons an unmistakable identity and enhance their majestic character.

The Maybach's lines are designed to maintain an enduring aesthetic appeal - both from the outside and as far as the interior is concerned. A range of exquisite materials, including masterfully designed and hand-crafted fine wood trim elements, adorn the inside of the car, the design of which was inspired by one aim in particular: to provide the greatest possible comfort for all the car's occupants.

The impressive spaciousness of the 2.25 or 2.68-metre-long interior is certainly a good start, whilst the seat comfort, low noise levels and highly efficient climate control on board the prestigious Saloons continue the theme of matchless quality. The Maybach is thus perfectly equipped to offer an outstanding driving experience.

The engine: top marks for output and torque

Specially developed for the Maybach Saloons, the twelve-cylinder 5.5-litre biturbo engine develops 405 kW/550 hp and offers its peak torque of 900 newton metres as low down as 2300 rpm. The high power and torque reserves of the superbly smooth-running engine ensure that the Maybach Saloons are able to rise to any driving situation wîth the ease and assurance characteristic of the brand. For example, the Maybach 57 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 5.2 seconds, while the engine's prodigious torque powers it on from 60 to 120 km/h in just 6.2 seconds.

Safety: occupant protection wîth ten airbags

In addition to a sophisticated body structure, the exemplary safety technology of these high-end luxury cars includes a total of ten airbags – two adaptive airbags wîth two-stage gas generators for the front seat occupants, four sidebags and two large windowbags for each side of the interior. The three-point inertia-reel seat belts wîth automatic comfort-fit feature, high-performance belt tensioners and belt force limiters are integrated into the seats, and are therefore able to carry out their full protective function in any position.

Source - DaimlerChrysler

Exceptional scope for individualisation: Maybach meets even the most unusual customer requests

- Nine different body variants offer even greater scope for individualisation
- Gold and precious stones create automotive gems
- Hand-crafted coats of arms and marquetry

Maybach Manufaktur is passionately committed to meeting customer requests wîth outstanding craftsmanship and painstaking attention to every detail on every model. This is why it is continuously developing and expanding the official range of optional extras and features available at special customer request. Continuous dialogue wîth Maybach customers plays a key role here, providing details of the new requirements and wishes of this most exclusive clientele.

Maybach individualisation wîth gold and diamondsMaybach has recently begun offering discerning customers the opportunity to enhance the interior of their high-end luxury Saloon even further wîth exquisite gold inlays and precious stones. The possibilities include exquisite decorative trim strips embedded in the interior wood trim or the owner's monogram and coat of arms picked out in gold and diamonds.

The beautifully crafted trim strips, available in 18-carat yellow or white gold, harmonise perfectly wîth the standard fine wood trim on the doors of the Maybach and help accentuate the painstaking craftsmanship behind the Maybach interior appointments. For the ultimate in individuality, the owner's monogram can be added to the long, elegant decorative strips. Or, to heighten the exclusivity of the Maybach interior even further, customers can opt for hand-cut diamonds in the white or yellow gold trim strips. The gold trim strips can be fitted on all four doors, extending from the front to the rear of the vehicle in a continuous line.

A coat of arms can be set off to perfection wîth 18-carat white or yellow gold strips and discreet diamonds, ideal positions being the centre console or, for particular prominence, the optional partition in the rear of the Maybach 62. The ornamented partition can be combined wîth optional trim strips for the rear centre console and coordinated wîth interior appointments to produce a highly distinctive, elegant and harmonious on-board atmosphere – take, for example, the combination of yellow gold, high-quality matt burr walnut and the california beige interior, or white gold in conjunction wîth anthracite-coloured appointments and elegant poplar trim.

And, of course, customers can also opt for the selector lever to be decorated wîth their monogram or coat of arms.

Jewellery produced by artisans: masterly skill and precision craftsmanship

The precious metals and stones are crafted into the required form wîth consummate skill. Experienced goldsmiths model the finest of contours by hand wîth great precision in order to replicate the delicate details of a personal coat of arms to perfection. In terms of clarity and colour, the inlaid diamonds are categorised as IF/G (internally flawless/rare white).

Coats of arms and monograms: personalised perfection

Even without gold and diamonds, coats of arms and monograms figure among the items most frequently requested by Maybach customers. The Maybach Manufaktur implements them in many different ways – embroidered on the head restraints, printed in gold and silver on piano lacquer using an exclusive silk-screen process, or laser-etched on cushions, to mention just three examples. Customers – and not just those who are car enthusiasts or collectors of historic Maybach Saloons – also have the option of having the Maybach double 'M' embossed in the leather of the door panels as a sign of their special attachment to the brand. Of course, they can also choose to have their own monogram or coat of arms embossed instead.

Out-of--the-ordinary materials: gold instead of chrome, granite instead of wood

In response to customer requests, the interior appointments specialists at the luxury brand have also created a study, based on the Maybach 57, which takes another approach to the use of gold: all chrome trim parts in the vehicle interior are gold-plated wîth a wafer-thin layer of genuine 24-carat gold. The gleam of the gold adds a heightened touch of refinement to the interior of the Maybach Saloon, and harmonises perfectly wîth the high-quality wood and the Maybach leathers used for the study.

The keys for the luxurious Maybach Saloons are now also available in gold.

Customers seeking a somewhat less gleaming – but still extremely exclusive – interior for their Maybach can fall back on a material whose character evokes a sense of eternity. Instead of working wîth fine woods, the interior appointments specialists at the Manufaktur in Sindelfingen can offer these customers trim elements crafted from naturally occurring granite. Formed using a highly sophisticated process, these impressive stone panels not only make a stunning visual statement, but also perform optimally wîth regard to safety considerations.

'Traditional luxury': a de luxe feel and refined comfort

Vital Stats
Engine : 5.5 L., 12-cylinder
Power: 550 hp
Torque: 664 ft-lbs

Maybach has developed a further alternative version of the Maybach 57 model, focusing on design options for the interior. The aim of the designers and engineers was to use new and different materials and alternative methods to reinterpret the quality and comfort that luxury saloons typically offer. Features include double stitching on the leather seats, deep-pile lambskin carpets and rear velour floor mats bearing the Maybach logo.

For special guests: Maybach Saloon for top-of-the-line hotels

Another variant of the Maybach 57 meets the special requirements of top-of-the-line international hotels. Numerous details and technical solutions in this vehicle are tailored to the daily demands of the hotel and the use of vehicles by a frequently changing clientele. New and easily accessible stowage compartments in the rear of the vehicle can be used to hold hot towels, for example, for the passengers on board. The car phone in the rear centre console has a conventional corded handset and the rear faces of the front seatbacks are equipped wîth handy folding tables where the video monitors would normally be fitted.

The interior is dominated by materials boasting the exquisite finish and quality workmanship which have become a Maybach hallmark, as well as an impressive degree of durability. Particular attention was paid to the boot area and how it will be used for hotel services. A special Maybach cover, for example, ensures that valuable items of luggage are well protected. This specially developed concept can also be applied to the Maybach 62.

Tailor-made Business Package

A special Business Package for notebook users has been available as an ex-factory option for some time now. This innovative Maybach mobile office system, which includes mobile internet access and a printer, can be put together individually, following consultation wîth the customer. Wireless Bluetooth technology allows the customer's own notebook to be integrated on board. For work purposes, the computer can be placed on one of the fold-down tables between the rear seats, and when not in use, it can be stowed away in a multifunction compartment on the back of the seats.

On the right course

In response to popular demand, especially by Maybach customers in the Middle East and South-East Asia, a compass is now available at special customer request. This instrument, which has a distinctly nautical character, can therefore be integrated in the centre-console armrest in the rear compartment so that the passengers can see exactly which direction they are travelling in at any time. Furthermore, the compass can be set to point towards a specific location defined by the customer.

Versatility from the ground up: nine different bodies to choose from

The great scope for diversity and individuality offered by the Maybach range is based on the top-of-the-line Maybach 62 as well as the Maybach 57. Where the roof is concerned, the customer can choose between the fully closed version, a solar roof and a sliding roof – both positioned either at the front, as usual, or, alternatively, at the rear. There is also the option of an electrotransparent panoramic glass roof. With a total of nine different body variants on offer, Maybach customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding on their own personal dream Saloon.

Discretion and security wîth partition and special protection

Customers who appreciate the utmost discretion can order a partition wîth retractable window – where approved in the country in question – for the Maybach 62. At the touch of a button, the electrotransparent glass can also be rendered opaque, shutting off the view into the rear.

Alternative seat configuration for the rear

For customers who want to carry up to three rear passengers, Maybach offers an alternative seat configuration wîth a third seat in the centre of the rear. In this configuration the two luxurious individual seats are retained, and an additional seat added in place of the standard centre console. The back of this third seat is designed to ensure that all three rear passengers are seated comfortably.

Source - DaimlerChrysler
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