2009 G-Power Hurricane M5 RS World Record

High-Speed world record 367.4 km/h

After the record for the world's fastest BMW sedan, G-POWER did it again and broke the long-standing record of the BRABÚS Rocket for the fastest sedan in the world.

In November 2008 the 750 hp strong G-POWER M5 HÚRRICANE RS realised a new top speed of 228,3 mph (367,4 km/h). This speed has been clocked and certified at the ATP High-Speed test track in Papenburg. With it the since October 2006 valid record of 365.7 km/h has been broken.

The G-POWER high-speed world record has been realised with a 20 hp stronger evolution of the famous G-POWER M5 HÚRRICANE which has been clocked with 360 km/h earlier in 2008 and holds the record for the fastest BMW sedan. (concept carz) The extra power of the G-POWER M5 HÚRRICANE RS is the result of two modified superchargers from G-POWER's technology partner ASA, with enlarged capacity. In the following the boost level of the G-POWER BI-Kompressor system could be raised from 0.7 bar rel. to 0.8 bar rel.

2009 G-Power Hurricane M5 RS World RecordBut still the G-POWER BI-Kompressor system has not yet reached its limit. According to CEO and engineer Christian Stöber:' …we can rise the boost level up to 1,0 bar rel. and more' and CEO Zoran Zorneke is of the opinion:' we can still improve, if we see the need for it'

Source - G-Power

2009 G-Power Hurricane M5 RS World Record

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