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2009 Renault Twingo Personalized

2009 Renault Twingo Personalized
Renault will present the Twingo at the Paris PTS (Personalization, Technology and Mechanical Sports) from February 19 to 22, 2009, at Villepinte. At the PTS, in this temple to customization which welcomed more than 120,000 visitors in 2008:
• Renault Twingo will present its new customization offers, which will be available next spring.
• Renault Design will give an exclusive preview of two interpretations of Twingo
Renault Sport: 'Angel and Devil'
• Renault will launch its website fully dedicated to customization:
• visitors can get a glimpse of the world of Renault Sport, with Clio Cup test rides,
Renault Sport experience driving lessons, and can view the range of accessories. Renault Twingo is a feisty, practical and connected car, whose appeal has already won over almost 140,000 customers in Europe and is the leading car in its category in France.2009 Renault Twingo Personalized
Customization is a major trend; from mobile phone covers to textile products, the consumer needs to make the product 'unique' so that it reflects his values, tastes and personality. Many customers have already made Renault Twingo 'unique' thanks to the customization offers proposed right from the launch.

2009 Renault Twingo Personalized
Broadening of Twingo's customization offer:
The customization options for Renault Twingo are unlimited, thanks to the decorative trim available.
For example, freestyle graphics (available in black or white Tattoo or Poppies, at a cost of €35 for 3) can be placed wherever the customer wishes, ensuring that the product is completely exclusive. Previewed at the PTS, more than 45 new offers will join the existing range.

2009 Renault Twingo Personalized
Renault's designers have worked on three creative themes:
• city of light, with a 'La parisienne' option and 'Eiffel' motifs
• pop art, with its 'Rainbow' motifs
• sport, with a new twist on the theme of 'strips' and 'checkerboards' as well as a new creative theme called 'boomerang' The new offer will allow the customer to order a customized Twingo with the following elements to be chosen as options: aluminium wheel rims or coloured hubcaps, rear view mirror shrouds, central pillar trim, fog lamp mouldings and decorative trim.
A website dedicated to customization:
This site won an award at the Meribel ad festival and its purpose is to let web users find the right Twingo for them. To do this, the visitor creates an alter ego using a specially-created morphing tool. Then, the tool suggests the most suitable car for the visitor's personality. The web user can then configure and customize the car at leisure, using real-time 3D technology, and order a t-shirt with a Twingo picture.
Angel and Devil
A show is a great place to meet the general public, and as such is an opportunity to present our creative ideas and to gauge reactions to new offers to help us select our offers of the future. Two Twingo Renault Sport cars have been converted to represent Angel and Devil, a graphic theme demonstrating all the design potential offered by Twingo in terms of customization. It highlights the Twingo's sporty aspect, by connecting the 2 optical blocks of the front side, continuing to the rear tailgate, finishing up on the 'Twingo' marked on the tailgate, like a comet tail.
The contrasting colours and matte effects draw the eye in and offer an original take on the volumes and lines of the Twingo:
• Pearlescent white and matte black, with diabolical red accents
• Satin red and glossy black, with cold metal accents The vehicles are Twingo Renault Sport cars specially equipped with:
• 17' two-tone cold metal/satin red wheel rims
• Red brake callipers
• Glossy black air intake grids
• Red indicator 'shank'
• Red interior surface of the exhaust tube
(*) the Meribel ad festival is a festival where the profession nominates and rewards the best designs in terms of advertising campaigns, websites and events. The site: Twingo Total Perso received a special mention on December 12, 2008, in the category:
product and/or events site.
Discovering the sensations of Renault Sport
Visitors can get right behind the wheel to enjoy the sensations of Renault Sport:
• following registration, Renault Sport Experience beginner classes will be offered, allowing new buyers to share in the common values, to learn Twingo Renault Sport closed-circuit driving techniques, to exploit the car's road-holding ability and to master the on-board electronic safety and responsible driving systems.
• Clio Cup test rides with experienced drivers can also be won by lottery on the stand.
Mégane Renault Sport R26.R: sports car of the year
On the Stand, Renault will present the car voted 'sports car of the year': Mégane Renault Sport R26.R., which was nominated by a jury of drivers and journalists from the editorial board of Echappement magazine.
Mégane R26.R holds the Nürburgring circuit record in its category with a time of 8'17' achieved on June 23, 2008. With this award, Mégane R26.R once again demonstrates the excellence and know-how of Renault Sport Technologies.

Mégane Trophy: the ultimate expression of competition sedans
Renault Sport Technologies is exhibiting the Mégane Trophy on the stand, the new gold standard in circuit competition sedans.

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