1938 Panhard Dynamic

Designer: Bionnier
The Dynamic was designed in 1936 and produced for three years - 1936-1939. There were a total of 2,581 Dynamics produced with few remaining today. The Dynamic was one of the most advanced automobiles in the late 1930s and the largest uni-body car ever produced. Its front suspension independent with torque rods and two hydraulic shock absorbers on each side. Its suspension was part of the cast aluminum block engine.

The car's interior is very spacious. The steering wheel is almost directly in the center of the dash allowing for three passengers in the front. The suspension was one of the best of its day - a large car with very soft suspension. The engine is a 6-cylinder sleeve valve, one of the last ones in the production from Minerva of Belgium. A blue smoke cloud follows the car - typical of sleeve valve engines.

The Dynamic was introduced when France was going through a period of social and political unrest. The Second World War officially brought production to an end.

The vehicle's art deco-style was a departure for Panhard, known for its stately and conservative cars in the 1920's and 1930's. They were built for high-class clients such as bishops, and military and government officials.
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