1910 Mercer Model 30

1910 Mercer Model 30 1910 Mercer Model 30 1910 Mercer Model 30 Speedster
Mercer introduced its first car, the Model 30, in 1910. A total of 791 cars with several body styles including the Toy Tonneau, Touring and Speedster models were built in its first fully year of production before the introduction of the hugely successful Raceabout. The two-seat Speedster, which cost $1,950, was powered by a 285.6 cubic-inch, 34 horsepower, L-head four-cylinder Beaver engine.
1910 Mercer Model 30 1910 Mercer Model 30 1910 Mercer Model 30 Touring
The Mercer Company was formed in 1909 in Trenton, New Jersey, taking its name from Mercer County, where Trenton is located. Production of Mercer chassis frames and bodies began in 1910. The first Mercers used a 34 horsepower, 4-cylinder engine built by Beaver Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The new Mercer, which cost $2,085, was capable of a top speed of 60 mph and was so flexible that the driver could go from 4 mph to 60 all in the same high gear. This is the oldest Mercer known to exist.
The Mercer Company was named after Mercer County, NJ, the location of their Trenton plant. Funding for the company was from the Roebling and Krus engineering company, which is best known for building the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Mercers quickly gained a reputation for their excellent performance and their ability to be taken from the showroom floor to the race track without any need for modification. Their Raceabout was a minimalist vehicle that had a monocle windscreen, a round gasoline tank in the rear, and two bucket seats.

The Model 30 was produced in 1910 and 1911 and fitted to a wheelbase that measured 116-inches. Power was from a four-cylinder L-head engine that offered 30 horsepower.

The Mercer Company produced automobiles until 1925.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2009
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