1919 REO Speed Wagon

1919 REO Speed Wagon

1919 REO Speed Wagon In Omaha, Nebraska in 1916 Saunders gave birth to the first established business for the renting of automobiles on a drive-it-yourself basis. In 1917 Saunders began renting trucks, the REO Speed Wagon was typical of the trucks used in the rental fleet.

Introduced to the marketplace in 1915, this 1919 model REO Speed Wagon sold for over $1,075. With a four-cylinder, 35 horsepower motor, this Speed Wagon could attain speeds of over 22 miles per hour. This well-preserved REO Speedwagon is valued at $16,000.

This Speedwagon is on display at the National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States located in Auburn, Indiana.

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1919 Speed Wagon
1919 REO Speed Wagon Base Price : $1,075

Model Year Production

1924Ford (1,922,048)Chevrolet (264,868)Dodge (193,861)13,366
1923Ford (1,831,128)Chevrolet (323,182)Buick (210,572)15,228
1922Ford (1,147,028)Dodge (152,673)Chevrolet (138,932)9,249
1921Ford (1,275,618)Chevrolet (130,855)Buick (82,930)9,767
1920Ford (806,040)Chevrolet (146,243)Dodge (141,000)13,500
1919Ford (820,445)Chevrolet (129,118)Buick (119,310)7,307
1918Ford (435,898)Buick (126,222)Willys Knight (88,753)13,321
1917Ford (622,351)Willys Knight (130,988)Buick (115,267)25,577
1916Ford (734,811)Willys Knight (140,111)Buick (124,834)23,814
1915Ford (501,492)Willys Knight (91,904)Dodge (45,000)4,694
1914Ford (308,162)Overland (48,461)Studebaker (35,374)13,516

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