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Chassis Num: S831083

The Jaguar XK150 was first introduced in the fall of 1957 and was intended to compete against the BMW 507 and Mercedes-Benz 300SL. It was the third and final evolution of its series and represented the best and most highly developed XK ever built. Th....[continue reading]

XK-150S Roadster

Chassis Num: T831867DN
Engine Num: VS1715-9

The XK 150 was introduced in 1957 and remained in production until superseded by the E-Type in 1961. A total of 9,382 examples were built of which only 2,172 were left hand drive 'open two seater' models. The roadster version is the rarest XK 150 mod....[continue reading]


The XK150 is powered by a 3,442 cc, in-line, six-cylinder, double-over-head cam engine developing 213 horsepower with a top speed of 123 mph. It has a 4-speed manual transmission. The chassis consists of rack-and-pinion steering, front independent to....[continue reading]

XK-150S Roadster

Chassis Num: T831359 DN

This XK150S was originally finished in black and was officially manufactured on September 12, 1958, and exported to Jaguar Cars New York just over two weeks later. The car has been repainted Carmen Red and its original 3.4-liter engine was replaced w....[continue reading]

XK-150S Roadster

Chassis Num: S830856DN
Engine Num: VS1205-9

This Jaguar XK150S has won more than 80 Concours awards over the past 15 years. Currently, the car still holds 100 point status with the Jaguar Club of North America. In 2012 it was National Champion, a position it has held since 1998.....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: S837510DN
Engine Num: NC5054-8

The Jaguar XK150 was a progressive developed of the XK120 and XK140. It retained the same basic chassis, 3-liter engine, and four-speed Moss transmission of its predecessors. It gained a wider body which allowed for more interior space and improved v....[continue reading]

XK-150S Roadster

Chassis Num: T831629DN
Engine Num: VS1543-9

This Jaguar XK150 has the 'S' specification motor which offers 250 horsepower. It is finished in Carmen red over black and was dispatched from the works on November 26, 1958 to Jaguar Cars, New York. Its first owner was Mr. J. Bergstrom Cocoa Beach, ....[continue reading]

XK-150S Roadster

Chassis Num: T831825DN
Engine Num: VS1681-9

Fewer than 900 examples of the 3.4-liter XK150 S were produced. They featured SU carburetors, straight-port head, upgraded camshafts, and a lightened flywheel. Late-production XKs were equipped with Le Mans-proven Dunlop disc brakes. ....[continue reading]

XK-150S Roadster

This is a true barn find that was purchased disassembled. The rolling chassis was located under the barn. The engine and transmission were in the chicken coop and the body was on a homemade jig made out of water pipes. The rest of the car was in boxe....[continue reading]


Chassis Num: S 835623

This XK 150 Fixed Head Coupe was completed on June 9th of 1958 and shipped to Jaguar Cars in New York City in July of that same year. It was titled as a 1959 model year vehicle. It is believed that the car was sold to a buyer in California, than to a....[continue reading]


This Jaguar XK150 S was built in September 1958. The first registration of the car was in 1959 in the United States. The second owner parked the car in 1967 with 42,000 miles and it did not run again until after his death in 2010. A Greek collector b....[continue reading]

Chassis #: S831083 
XK-150S Roadster
Chassis #: T831867DN 
XK-150S Roadster
Chassis #: T831359 DN 
XK-150S Roadster
Chassis #: S830856DN 
Chassis #: S837510DN 
XK-150S Roadster
Chassis #: T831629DN 
XK-150S Roadster
Chassis #: T831825DN 
XK-150S Roadster
Chassis #: S 835623 


In 1957 Jaguar introduced the XK150, a replacement for the XK140. The XK140 had been a replacement for the XK120 which had started the XK series with its elegant styling and impressive 120 mph capabilities. At the time, the XK120 was the fastest production vehicle in the world. The XK150 had many similarities to its predecessors but it featured modern styling and improved mechanics.
When the XK150 was introduced, it could be purchased in DropHead Coupe or FixedHead Coupe configuration. The Open Two Seater (OTS) Roadster version appeared a year later.

The base engine was a DOHC 3.4 liter straight-six that produced 180 horsepower. Most of the vehicles were outfitted with the SE version which had a modified cylinder head, dual SU HD6 carburetors, and larger exhaust valves bringing the horsepower rating to 210. Performance was further increased in 1958 when Jaguar enlarged the bore bringing the liter capacity to 3.8 and the horsepower rating to 220. The 'S' model featured three SU HD8 carburetors and a modified cylinder head bringing the horsepower rating to 260.

The XK120 suffered from poor steering. This was resolved by the adaptation of a rack-and-pinion unit on the XK140. The XK150 used the similar rack-and-pinion configuration, though still lacking power-assistance. The chassis was also similar to its predecessor. Disc brakes were standard on all four corners of the vehicle. The wheels could be ordered as Wire or as discs wheels.

Improvements continued in the interior of the vehicle. With roll-up door windows and door handles, the XK150 was more civilized. The longer hood meant the XK150 Roadsters were just a two seater unlike its 2+2 predecessors.

During its production lifespan lasting from 1958 through 1961, the Fixed Head Coupes were the most popular with 4445 examples being created. That figure was followed by the Drop Head Coupes with around 2670 examples. There were around 2260 Roadsters produced. The Roadster production figures would have been higher if they had not been introduced ten months after the Fixed and Drophead Coupe versions.

The XK150 continued the elegance and performance established by the XK120 and reinforced by the XK140. The long flowing lines of the hood gracefully curved towards the vertical grille which hid a potent engine that made the car legendary.

By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2006
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