2001 Suzuki SX Concept

Suzuki SX Concept Makes West Coast Debut At CA International Auto Show

2001 Suzuki SX Concept
American Suzuki Motor Corp. will display its new SX concept vehicle for the first time on the West coast at the California International Auto Show, Oct. 10-14.
The car's name, SX, stands for 'Sport Crossover,' so called because the Suzuki combines thrilling sport sedan performance with SÚV cargo-toting convenience.
The supercharged, 220-horsepower SX concept was built for two things: hauling down the road and hauling the gear of an adventure-seeking weekend warrior.
Aimed at young, sports-minded individualists who don't desire either sedans or SÚVs, the high-performance SX provides its driver with a great driving experience while on route to rock-climbing at Joshua Tree, mountain-bike trails at Crystal Cove or the local motocross track.
A modern crossover vehicle, the do-it-all SX is a perfect symbol of Suzuki: practical fun.

The SX2001 Suzuki SX Concept
Suzuki's latest concept car draws heavily from the firm's sporting heritage. The engine -- a 2.0-liter, all-aluminum, DOHC, 16-valve, inline four-cylinder -- benefits from Suzuki's championship-winning experience in building compact, high-revving, Superbike power plants.
The supercharger (which boosts output to an exciting 220 horsepower) recalls Suzuki's amazing Pike's Peak International Hill Climb winners. And the color itself, a bright, bold pearl yellow, was inspired by Suzuki's motocross machines -- from Roger DeCoster's World Championship bikes of the 1970s to Travis Pastrana's Supercross-winning RM125 of today.
The sharply creased Suzuki meets roads such as Mulholland Drive and Ortega Highway with a wide, aggressive stance thanks to big blister fenders that shroud fat, 17-inch alloy wheels and low-profile 225/45 tires. Peeking through the airy five-spoke rims are massive discs and big yellow brake calipers ready to slow down the SX with the aid of an advanced anti-lock braking system.
The beefy bumpers, integrated spoiler, and lower-edge skirts give the SX a look of sporty, aerodynamic refinement. Even the rear of the SX, with its practical clamshell hatch, looks seriously aggressive thanks to its dramatic V-shape styling, blacked-out license plate base, dual centerline exhausts and stinger-like radio antenna.
Interesting style highlights include contrasting panels of metallic paint on the bumpers and door handles. Distinct prism-type headlights and vertical fog lamps give the SX a futuristic front end.
The headlights, mesh grille and hood badge feature stylish, glowing green backlighting. And the pearl paint itself is designed to turn a reddish hue while the car is in shade, and project a striking, bright yellow while out in daylight.


The SX interior is as bold as the outside of the car. Obvious are the sporty leather seats that are black with yellow trim in back, and yellow with black trim up front -- emphasizing that while the SX seats five, it's really a driver's car. The famed Suzuki 'S' stitched into the seat backs completes the upholstery.
The cab itself is defined by the forward-mounted A-pillars and high roofline, which provide a spacious interior and excellent visibility. Forward vision is further aided by the low line of the instrument panel -- the dashboard is no higher on the driver side than on the passenger side.
Complementing the bold exterior color, the IP is dark gray and yellow, while the steering pad surround is a gunmetal hue. The instruments themselves are completely digital, and include a competition-inspired, bar-graph tachometer.
Body-color paneling and metallic colored accents give the SX interior a modern, high-tech appearance and feel. And, overall, the interior design highlights the dual, crossover nature of the SX. The dark colors, offset by bright yellow, plus the metalized details, all scream sport. The fold-down rear seats, clamshell hatch and ample cargo capacity spell convenience -- a perfect fit for an Orange County surfer.
Capping off the interior is an advanced GPS navigation system. The liquid-crystal display, mounted mid-dash, also serves as a television and an information center for the radio and CD player. At the push of a button, the panel glides down to reveal the hidden CD disc changer.
SX -- Latest in a line of new Suzukis

Going back to the Grand Vitara of 1998, Suzuki has accelerated its introduction of concept vehicles and new production cars. With the SX, Suzuki is showing the world the kind of cars its designers can dream of -- and translate into metal -- and Suzuki is maintaining its reputation for following concept cars with real production vehicles.
True to form, the company plans to introduce a more real-world production vehicle based on the SX, due on the Ú.S. market in spring 2002. The production car will bridge between Suzuki's versatile cars and nimble SÚVs, expanding the lineup of one of the fastest growing Japanese auto companies in the Únited States.
Following tradition, Suzuki will offer another unique vehicle at an affordable price and help define an emerging vehicle category. Suzuki was the first with a small, affordable SÚV. The first with a V6-powered, small SÚV. The first with three-row seating in an affordable SÚV, the XL-7.

Source - Suzuki

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