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1995 Rinspeed Roadster SC-R

Despite the fact that Switzerland never has played an important role in the inter-national automotive industry, there were, since many decades, always a small number of creative body specialists offering niche products for the domestic and international market.

Since quite of few year's however, Switzerland could not bring forth an own new make. As of January 1995, RINSPEED DESIGN, domiciled in Zumikon/Switzerland and internationally rekown for their customizing activities on sports- and luxury-cars, debuts as a new swiss make.


This roadster, built in a small series, represents today's spirit of the times and the design trends of the nineties. The body reflects a mixture of classic shapes of the sixties, paired with ultra-modern elements and a futuristic look. The congenial bold and dynamic appearance is orientated to a buyer potential which enjoys life and fresh air. Although rather concepted as a leisure vehicle, it can be used any day in any weather.

The body is made from aircraft quality aluminum and is joined with a tubular stainless steel chassis. Four small projector headlights, fastened on small wings, and the free-standing front fenders round up the clean design.

The front suspension consists of unequal length double wishbones and the rear live-axle is linked to the chassis four times. The shock absorbers are especially made by Koni. All mechanical components (engine, transmission, brakes and rear axle) are taken from the existing Ford Mustang. The powerful V8-engine with a displacement of almost 5 liters is coupled to a manual five speed gearbox.

The RINSPEED ROADSTER is offered with two engine options. The 'R'-version uses the stock Ford engine offering 218 HP, whereas the 'SC-R'-version comes with a supercharger with a boost of 0.3 bar. The result is not only impressive by the increased output of 305 HP, but also by the breathtaking torque of more than 570 Nm produced at 3'400 rpm.

The tires are well filling the wheel wells: Pirelli P Zero's of the dimension 225/40-18 are mounted in the front, the rear even uses 295/35-18. The three-piece chromed aluminum wheels (front 8½x18' and rear 10x18') are made to order by the well known specialist BBS.

The interior is upholstered in exclusive leather and offers sporty bucket seats, an almost invisibly installed stereo system with a CD-changer from Pioneer and a Momo steering wheel. The mobile communication is ensured by the latest Nokia product of the type C232 - small, light weight and easy to use.

The luggage has been also made to order by the young Swiss De'Shama design company. It is elegantly styled, but with its use of hand-sewn plastic and leather material is still very practical to use. The creative Austrian manufacturer Burg Design was ordered to produce the exclusive labels and decors for the body and the interior.

The RINSPEED Harley-Davidson 'Rock'n'Roll' derives from the same philosophy of enjoying fresh air rides. Made to fit the image of 'his-and-hers', identical elements of design, colors and materials reflect the Roadster concept and create a unique synopsis between a car and a motorcycle.

The small and coherent projector headlights demonstrate a new and innovative element for motorcycles. The new headlight bucket sits efficient, but almost invisible, on the front. The customizing was completed by a large number of chrome parts, individually milled from billet aluminum. These parts were taken from the most reputable shelves of America's customizing professionals as 'Arlen-Ness', 'Pro-One' and 'KüryAkyn' and installed in endless hours. The original wheels are chromed and fitted with Pirelli tires.

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