1921 Dodge Brothers Model 30

The Dodge Brothers were famous long before they built the first car that carried their name. They established a small machine shop at the turn of the century, and were soon building engines for Ransom E. Old's famous Curved Dash Oldsmobile. They later became stockholders in the Ford Motor Company for whom they built engines, transmissions and axles. By 1913, they realized that the Ford Company was heading toward self-sufficiency, and they decided to sell their stock (which totaled a fortune) and start their own venture.

In November 1914, the first Dodge Brothers car left the factory. The brothers' fame certainly helped the new company sell over 45,000 in its first year. The 35 horsepower engine was rugged and the welded all-steel body was the first on a mass produced American car. Standard equipment included leather seats, electric lighting (with a twelve-volt system), a self-starter, and demountable rims. Priced reasonably and exuding dependability, the Dodge Brothers car was a hit. Little changed about the car during its first 6 years. In 1920, Dodge moved into second place in the automobile industry, but joy was short-lived, as both brothers died the same year. The 1921 models were little changed except for the addition of a heater and the option of wire wheels. The Dodge Brothers badge nameplate was designed by the Dodge Brothers themselves. Each image on the badge has its own meaning. The two 'Deltas' were entwined 180 degrees apart. The dark blue delta represented John Dodge's personality, and the white embl

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