1975 Clenet Continental

This car is the prototype of the production run of the 250 Clenet 'Series I Roadsters.' This car was hand built by Alain Clenet for his own personal use. When the car appeared in the December 1975 issue of Motor Trend, the readership response was so incredible, that the demand for Alain's new car pushed the 'Series I' into production. This car is unrestored as it appeared at the 1976 L.A. Auto Show, but with an additional 30,000 miles of careful use.

Alain Clenet did not stop at the 'Series I.' He continued to create a 'Series II.' The later model had seating for four and plenty of extras. Some of Alain's cars have crystal ashtrays and beautiful etching on the corners of the side windows. The cars are truly luxurious with a price tag to prove it!

Collection of Doug Dickson

Source - SDAM

Concepts by Clenet

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