1907 Ford Model R

1907 Ford Model R 1907 Ford Model R 1907 Ford Model R
A Ford ad slogan, 'Watch the Ford's Go By' had an effect on car buyers and Ford's market share climbed to 35% in 1907. The Model R was introduced in 1907 as a refined version of the Model N. With full front fenders and attaching running boards, it was available in two colors, Brewster Green and Carmine Red. This year also featured the first use of a 'spare wheel' under the rear cover for on-the-road tire changes. Sales on the Model R far outpaced sales forecasts and Ford parts suppliers were hard pressed to keep up with production demands. The side lever controls the two-speed planetary transmission. (posted on conceptcarz.com) Ford produced approximately 2,500 Model Rs.

Source - AACA Museum
1907 Ford Model R 1907 Ford Model R
Chassis #: 1454
This 1906 Ford Model R Bee-Tail Roadster was offered for sale at the Vintage Motor Cars sale at Hershey, PA presented by RM Auctions. It was estimated to sell for $10,000 - $15,000 and offered without reserve. Bidding surpassed the estimates with the final bid settling at $22,000 including buyer's premium.

There is a four-cylinder L-head engine that displaces 149 cubic-inches and produces 18 horsepower. The transmission is a two-speed planetary unit and two-wheel mechanical brakes provide the stopping power. The 84-inch wheelbase rests on a solid front axle with transverse leaf springs and a live rear axle with full-elliptic leaf springs.

It is finished in green paint and is in need of a restoration. There is rust, dents, and cracks throughout. The chassis, black fenders, plywood 'bee-tail' deck, and roadster deck are present and in fairly good condition considering the vehicles age. The tail-lamp is missing and the right side lamp has a cracked lens.

This is one of the few remaining early Ford four-cylinder examples still in existence.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2007
The Ford Model T is one of the most memorable and well-known vehicles ever created. Henry Ford had created several predecessors to the Model T, one of them was the six-cylinder Model K. It was a complex car which fostered Henry's dislike for complexity and is partly responsible for the introduction of the simplistic four-cylinder Model T. Prior four-cylinder Fords to the Model T were the N, R, and S, with the Model T benefiting from each of these models as well. It also differed from these prior cars; it had a cast en bloc engine and removable cylinder head, thermosyphon cooling and transverse leaf rear suspension. Similarities it shared with the N, R, and S include the bevel-topped radiator with tall neck, foot-operated planetary transmission, and a steering wheel with column-mounted spark and throttle controls.

The Model R Ford is distinguishable from the Model N by its running boards and mechanical lubrication system. The price difference between the two were $150, with the base price of the Model N being $600. The Model R had a very short lifespan, lasting from April through October in 1907. During that time, 2500 examples were produced.

By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2007

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1907 Model R

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