1948 Ford Deluxe

Nineteen Forty-Eight was the last year for Ford's pre-World War II design. Military production halted domestic car manufacturing for the 1943-1945 model years. After the war, the car-starved public was eager for any new automobile, and most of the major companies simply brought back their existing lines.

The 1948 Ford models were offered in Deluxe, and Super Deluxe trim levels. The Deluxe series was the base trim level and came with a horn button instead of horn ring, an armrest on the driver's door, one sun visor, and rubber moldings around the window openings. Prices began at $1,150 for the coupe and rose to $1,270 for the sedan. The base L-head six-cylinder engine displaced 226 cubic-inches and offered 95 horsepower at 3,300 RPM. All 1948 Fords rested on a 114-inch wheelbase platform and measured 198.2 inches in length. The L-head V8 displaced 239 cubic-inches and offered 100 horsepower at 3800 RPM.

The Super Deluxe Series included the body styles found on the Deluxe plus a 3-passenger coupe and station wagon. Super Deluxes equipped with eight cylinders added a convertible body style. Super Deluxe models added extra chrome, two sun visors, armrests on all doors, and passenger assist straps on the interior 'B' pillar.

Production of the 1948 Ford models ended in mid-spring to allow for retooling for the all-new 1949 Fords, which were introduced in June of 1948. Total 1948 Ford Deluxe production reached 28,404 units and 219,320 of the Super Deluxe models.

By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2003

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1948 Deluxe
1948 Ford Deluxe Price Range: $1,235 - $1,350

Model Year Production

1953Chevrolet (1,346,475)Ford (1,247,542)Plymouth (650,451)1,247,542
1952Chevrolet (818,142)Ford (671,733)Plymouth (396,000)671,733
1951Chevrolet (1,229,986)Ford (1,013,381)Plymouth (611,000)1,013,381
1950Chevrolet (1,498,590)Ford (1,208,912)Plymouth (610,954)1,208,912
1949Ford (1,118,308)Chevrolet (1,010,013)Plymouth (520,385)1,118,308
1948Chevrolet (696,449)Ford (430,198)Plymouth (412,540)430,198
1947Chevrolet (671,546)Ford (429,674)Plymouth (382,290)429,674
1946Ford (468,022)Chevrolet (398,028)Plymouth (264,660)468,022

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