1920 Napier 40/50

Montague Napier was the head of the precision engineering firm D. Napier & Son, which had been in business since 1908 and was located in Lambeth, South London. In 1900, Napier formed an agreement with Francis Edge for exclusive rights to sell the entire firm's motorcars they produced. To increase publicity, the cars were demonstrated in many racing events, various competitions, and endurance challenges. One of the more prominent challenges of the early 1900s was the Gordon Bennett Trophy race, which was run annually with each competing car representing their country of origin. Edge won the Trophy in 1902, making it the first British automobile racing triumph. The Napier Racer of 1902 featured a 6.5-liter engine that had five valves per cylinder and a shaft drive. It had been delivered just seven days before the start of the race since build problems had delayed its completion. It had a cracked cylinder head on the way to the boat, so another was sent via train and repaired while en route. To add to the complications, the second gear had not completely hardened, and all of its teeth were bent. Edge was able to find a factory and re-harden the gears before the start of the race.

The success at the Gordon Bennett Trophy race surged demand for the Napier/Edge vehicles, and large production factories were quickly ascertained to help keep up with demand. The new facility was located at Acton, West London.

A six-cylinder version was introduced in 1904, though not the first to create a powerplant of this six, it was the first to make a six-cylinder engine a commercial success.

In 1907 Edge set his sights on capturing the World's 24-hour speed record. A team of three Napier 60hp cars were brought to Brooklands track and averaged 65.9 mph and set the record which would last for eighteen years. The two other cars averaged 64.1 and 63.5 mph.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2007


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1920 Napier 40/50

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