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1992 Yamaha OX99-11

The Yamaha OX99-11 was designed by Ypsilon Technology and IAD during the early 1990s. This car was to be a no-expense-spared supercar with technology and innovation gained in their Formula One program, which they had entered in 1989. Yamaha did not enjoy much success in Formula One, but their hopes were renewed in 1991 when the team unveiled a new engine, the OX99. This engine was to be used in their road-going car. Yamaha tasked a German company to create designs; unsatisfied with the results, they approached IAD.

The result was a very radical vehicle with a carbon fiber chassis and a very bubbly appearance. Budget issues between IAD and Yamaha had Yamaha taking the project to Ypsilon Technology, a subsidiary of Yamaha.

The car was to carry a price tag of about $800,000. This, amongst a financial crisis and a declining supercar market was the demise of the car. The project limped along until 1994 before being officially axed. There were a total of three prototype examples created, one was red and two were black. They were built by IAD.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2008

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1992 OX99-11
1992 Yamaha OX99-11 Base Price : $805,000

Model Year Production

1997Ford (913,440)Honda (722,431)Chevrolet (650,820)
1996Ford (1,036,048)Honda (680,711)Pontiac (541,844)
1995Ford (1,012,818)Chevrolet (665,955)Honda (643,336)
1994Ford (1,220,512)Chevrolet (651,647)Honda (650,105)
1993Ford (1,026,338)Chevrolet (692,116)Honda (608,149)
1992Ford (922,488)Honda (648,745)Chevrolet (647,227)
1991Honda (659,659)Oldsmobile (474,837)Nissan (405,147)
1990Ford (912,466)Chevrolet (785,918)Pontiac (641,820)
1989Chevrolet (1,275,498)Ford (1,234,954)Pontiac (801,600)
1988Ford (1,331,489)Chevrolet (1,236,316)Pontiac (680,714)
1987Nissan (1,803,924)Chevrolet (1,384,214)Ford (1,176,775)

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