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2004 SSC Aero SC/8T

New American car manufacturer SSC has blown away the competition with the introduction of the Aero SC/8T. The Aero's all-aluminum supercharged V8 produces 908bhp while maintaining a curb weight of only 2720 lbs creating a production car record and an incredibly low weight to horsepower ratio of only 2.99. From its first time on the track (Firebird International Raceway in Phoenix, March 19, 2004) the Aero dazzled, posting times never before seen from a production car. And now with the upgraded horsepower and modified rear suspension for better weight transfer during launches, the Aero raised the bar (for all other super exotics) at its most recent track testing session. It took just 2.94 seconds to achieve 60mph from a standing start and a total of 10.44 seconds to blaze the quarter mile. The Aero tore up the tarmac at both ends of the strip posting a phenomenal 0-100mph-0 testing time of just 11.6 seconds. With these incredible documented speeds, SSC has launched the Aero into the forefront of super exotics, not just in America, but also worldwide.

Two early goals of the SSC design team were to challenge the production car speed record set by the McLaren F1 and to do so with a car that can comfortably accommodate the average size NFL lineman. Extensive aerodynamics testing has shown the Aero capable of flying inches from the Earth at 249mph. The SSC team plans to take the Aero above the McLaren record speed of 240mph in the near future. While in Phoenix for the Aero's initial track testing, several professional baseball players during Spring Training were given the opportunity to view the car and marveled at the spacious cabin, easily handling a man up to 6'6' 300lbs.

The owner of SSC, Jerod Shelby -- no relation to Carroll -- chose to keep the Aero under the car industry's radar for the last couple years because of problems he witnessed with other manufacturers premature claims. 'Every six months, you see another car company claiming to have the latest and greatest 200-plus mph car, when in actuality what they have is a computer drawing and a virtual idea of how the car will run. These companies start the buzz, try to live up to the hype, and then end up falling short of their expectations. Our philosophy was to keep everything quiet and not introduce the car until it was completed, tested, design and performance proven and ready to take orders. And here we are.' Shelby commented. The Aero SC/8T will make its Ú.S. debut at the famed Monterey Sports & Classic Car Auction, August 12th-15th in Monterey, California.

2004 SSC Aero SC/8TDaily drivability was also something very important to the SSC team. 'We not only wanted an exotic car with unparalleled performance, but also a car that could be driven to the beach or around town in comfort. Too many of the exotic supercars on the market today are simply not that comfortable', Shelby explained. Attention has been paid to every minor detail. Multi-adjustable leather bucket seats allow each of the occupants to fully enjoy the ride. A few other unique characteristics of the Aero include the remote air-actuated doors, which use silent forced air to open them and then release the air enabling the doors to close. The stock audio/video system includes a DVD player with 10-speaker layout, full GPS capability and backup camera, which displays on the 7.5' screen when the Aero is put in reverse. So not only is the Aero an extremely high performance supercar, but one with plenty of luxury touches as well.

The smooth lines of the carbon fiber composite body are more than just treats for the eye. The body's sleek shape along with the Aero's complete belly pan and rear Venturi tunnels create an amazingly low drag coefficient of just .3187 and work together to generate a careful combination of Aero-dynamics that keep the car on the ground at high speeds. But don't think for a second that the Aero is strictly about performance. The SSC team has produced extraordinary gas mileage ratings -- 18 mpg city and 27mpg highway -- from a powerplant engineered and assembled through a team effort with Blood Enterprises in Auburn, Wash. 'The Aero will maintain exceptional gas mileage for the person with enough self control to drive it at normal speeds', adds Shelby.

SSC plans a limited production run of only 25 cars, numbering every chassis to protect its collector value. When the Aero breaks the McLaren speed record, ensuring value will no longer be a concern.

SSC has created an exotic super car that is uniquely American, designed in America, built in America.

Source - SSC
Shelby Supercars (SSC), manufacturer of the ultra high-performance Últimate Aero Twin Turbo, set the new 'World's Fastest Production Car' record earlier today with an average top speed of 255.83 mph. Confident of the 1183 hp vehicle's abilities, SSC set out to validate their top speed claim in accordance with the strict guidelines set by Guinness World Records. Among other requirements, in order to meet Guinness' approval, a vehicle testing for the top speed record must drive down the course, turn around, and make a second pass in the opposite direction within one hour. The vehicle's official 'top speed' is calculated by averaging the top speeds of each pass in order to negate any favorable road or weather conditions. Today, on a temporarily-closed 2 lane stretch of public highway in Washington State, the Últimate Aero posted a top speed of 257.11 mph (413.83 kph) on its first pass and 254.55 mph (409.71 kph) on its return pass, yielding a new top speed record: a staggering 255.83 mph (411.76 kph). The data, collected by Dewetron's world-renowned GPS tracking system, will be verified by Guinness before the Últimate Aero is officially crowned the 'World's Fastest Production Car.' This breaks the current official record held by the Koenigsegg CCR at 242 mph by 11.83 mph and the Bugatti Veyron's unofficial speed of 253 mph by 3.11 mph.

SSC's high-speed durability and aerodynamic test runs started in March on a 12-mile stretch of Highway 93 in Elko County, Nevada. After the scouting team discovered a more appropriate test site testing moved to open roads in SSC's home state of Washington. Únlike these previous tests, which encompassed various durability trials of the Últimate Aero's drivetrain and powertrain, today's session was dedicated solely to determining the vehicle's top speed capabilities. A recently repaved two-lane section of Highway 221 in Washington was ultimately selected for the task, though navigating the road's slight elevation changes and mid-way S-bend proved to be a challenge. Test driver Chuck Bigelow, 71 of Richland, WA, had to pass through the S-bend at a minimum of 210 mph in order to attain record speed during the following straightaway (with only 1.5 miles before braking was required); after the record-breaking run, Bigelow stated 'if there was additional straight pavement on which to accelerate, the top speed would have been considerably higher and if anyone challenges your record there is tons left on the table'.

Lack of a dedicated test site, which many of the larger automotive manufacturers have at their disposal, was just one of the many obstacles in SSC's way. Led by founder and lead designer Jerod Shelby, the SSC design team spent the past seven years creating, engineering, and testing the Últimate Aero. 'From the beginning, we felt confident that the Últimate Aero was first in its class. SSC's design team deserves their place in the record books for their tireless determination and motivation on this project. We are enormously pleased with the progress we've made with the Últimate Aero and we're excited to put more of these impressive machines into the hands of our customers,' Shelby stated.

2004 SSC Aero SC/8T'This is a dream come true,' he said while celebrating at SSC's production facility. 'Everyone at SSC worked so hard in designing, testing, and building the Últimate Aero, and now to accomplish this record is amazing. The fact that we are a small privately owned company and were able to do something much bigger companies haven't done on massive budgets makes this so exciting for the entire SSC team.' said Shelby.

With 1183 bhp and 1094 ft-lbs of torque, the Últimate Aero produces more emissions-legal horsepower than any other production automobile in the world (another Guinness World Record for which SSC is currently applying). Despite being designed to run at redline for extended periods of time, the Últimate Aero remains remarkably drivable. The proprietary twin-turbo V8 power plant retains excellent idle characteristics, and thanks to a drag coefficient of just .357, wind tunnel testing calculates the vehicle to be aerodynamically stable to speeds up to 273 mph. Featuring all the amenities found in a luxury sedan, the supple leather/suede interior is highlighted by custom Recaro seats, a 10 speaker premium system, DVD/navigation/backup camera, and a cab-controlled lift that raises the front an extra four inches to navigate road hazards.

For more information on the record testing, SSC, and the Últimate Aero, visit or contact Motorcars of Las Vegas, the exclusive ÚS dealer for SSC (

Source - SSC Aero

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