Formula Ford Racing Cars


The Formula Ford series was established in 1967. The series was an economical means of pursuing racing in a league that was fiercely competitive due to strict guidelines. This meant the focus was on the talent of the driver rather than advanced racing components. A strict budget of £1000 kept the playing-field level.
The machines used were open wheel, open body work, single seat racers. Firestone F100 treaded road tires were permitted, all others were not. The use of aerodynamic aids, such as wings, were not permitted. The standard engine was the 1600 cc Ford overhead valve. Since monocoque chassis were expensive, they were not permitted. Instead, space-frame chassis construction was utilized throughout the series.

In 1979, the pre-'74 Championship was created. This allowed owners of cars built before 1974 an opportunity to once again compete against vehicles that were similar in specifications to their own. A 1974/1978 has also been created with the same purpose as the pre-74 Championship series. The series was later renamed to 1974/1980 as vehicles built up to 1980 were included.

The pre-'74 cars were later classed as 'Class A'. The pre-'82 series cars, which included 1974 through 1981, were referred to as 'Class B'.