1900 White Model A

1900 White Model A 1900 White Model A 1900 White Model A This is the earliest White automobile known to exist. It is the only known survivor of the first batch of 50 automobiles built by the White Sewing Machine Company. These were tested from October 1900 to April 1901 before being offered to the public.

Like many early automobile manufacturers, the makers of the White automobile were successful in manufacturing another product before shifting their interest to the automobile.

Today, this White Stanhope remains in unrestored condition. It was last operated in the early 1960s. It is the only known unrestored Stanhope body style remaining.

This car is serial number 34. Like all Whites built through 1911, it is steam-powered.

By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2010

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1900Columbia (1,393)Locomobile (767)Winton (218)18
1899Columbia (387)Locomobile (337)Winton (106)
1898Columbia (73)Winton (22)Duryea (12)
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1896Duryea (13)Winton (2)
1895Duryea (2)

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