1983 Ford Fairmont Futura

1983 was the final year for the Fairmont Futura. It received little change over the prior year and the 4.2-liter V-8 was no longer available. The base engine was a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that received a change to its carburetion, from a 1 barrel to 2-barrel unit. Other changes to the engine included a redesigned exhaust manifold and long-reach spark plugs. Body styles included a coupe, a two-door sedan, and a four-door sedan. Total production for 1983 reached 80,833 Fairmont Futura models.

An optional six-cylinder overhead valve 3.3-liter engine was available, offering 92 horsepower and 156 foot-pounds of torque.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2010

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Price Comparison

1983 Fairmont Futura
1983 Ford Fairmont Futura Price Range: $6,445 - $6,665

$2,890 - $13,480
$9,195 - $12,228

Model Year Production

1988Ford (1,331,489)Chevrolet (1,236,316)Pontiac (680,714)1,331,489
1987Nissan (1,803,924)Chevrolet (1,384,214)Ford (1,176,775)1,176,775
1986Chevrolet (1,368,837)Renault (1,305,191)Ford (1,253,525)1,253,525
1985Chevrolet (1,418,098)Renault (1,322,887)Oldsmobile (1,192,549)1,149,427
1984Chevrolet (1,655,151)Renault (1,429,138)Ford (1,180,708)1,180,708
1983Renault (1,491,853)Chevrolet (1,175,200)Toyota (1,068,321)783,225
1982Renault (1,491,853)Chevrolet (1,297,357)Toyota (1,068,321)950,301
1981Chevrolet (1,673,093)Renault (1,295,713)Toyota (1,068,321)950,301
1980Chevrolet (2,288,745)Renault (1,492,339)Ford (1,162,275)1,162,275
1979Chevrolet (2,284,749)Ford (1,835,937)Renault (1,405,330)1,835,937
1978Chevrolet (2,375,436)Ford (1,923,655)Renault (1,240,941)1,923,655

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