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2011 Peugeot Expert Tepee

A new transport experience

2011 Peugeot Expert Tepee
The Expert Tepee is a whole new product in the Peugeot car range. Designed to meet the requirements of both the commercial passenger transport sector and the private family sector, it presents a new way of travelling with Peugeot.2011 Peugeot Expert Tepee
A member of the Expert ‘combi ' family, it is available in three trim levels (Comfort, Leisure and Premium) all with different looks and equipment levels. The Expert Tepee is also available in two wheelbase lengths in order to meet the requirements of many different customers.

2011 Peugeot Expert Tepee
A strong, modern external style
The new Expert Tepee is a unique vehicle identified by its modern styling, which suggests both quality and dynamism. Its large, bright interior encourages you to go on that long trip you've been meaning to take.

2011 Peugeot Expert TepeeThe design of the front is very bold and modern in its design, giving the Expert Tepee a strong personality. It is fitted with specially designed clear glass headlamps.

2011 Peugeot Expert Tepee
The way the front bumper is incorporated into the overall styling of the vehicle creates a special design feature. It is a key feature in the overall style of the vehicle, creating a sense of strength and quality. The bumper is either painted two-tone to match the rest of the vehicle, or the same as the body, depending on the model. This creates a major difference between the models.The same applies to the side protection mouldings, the rear view mirror casings and the door handles.

It is therefore possible to have a very luxurious looking exterior and door handles painted in 'Lion Grey'.

The large front windscreen, with a surface area of 1.68m2 - is a Peugeot design feature - it provides great visibility and gives the occupants a feeling of spaciousness and brightness.

The tapering design of the exterior shape portrays a sense of energy.This is a testament to the dynamism and the quality of the new Expert Tepee. The front door side windows, the sliding side door and the rear windows add up to a glazed surface area of 3.06m2 on the short wheelbase version and 3.40m2 on the long wheelbase version. Along with the size of the sliding door and its forward position, it gives the vehicle a remarkable interior brightness and excellent panoramic vision for passengers.

All glazed areas are flush fitting and are fully integrated into the modern styling of the Combi.The 'flush' fitting sliding windows can be opened by passengers in the second row of seats.

The fitment of a single mirror glass door mirrors places the Expert Tepee firmly in
the private car market. The door mirrors have painted casings on the Leisure model.These are painted the same colour as the body work; the fuel filler flap is fully integrated into the overall style of the vehicle and conceals a lockable filler cap.

The rear design is box shaped and suggests a large capacity and a high level of adaptability.

The luggage area can be accessed by a tailgate. A third brake light is incorporated into it, along with the rear windscreen wiper and the heated rear window.The large rear window (0.76m2) allows in plenty of light for the rear passengers.

Glazed hinged doors are also available, depending on the model. The style of the rear lights contributes to giving the vehicle a modern appearance.

Optimised dimensions for passenger comfort
The new Expert Tepee is available in two wheel base lengths. The vehicle's internal
dimensions guarantee the optimisation of the available interior space, its modularity, storage areas and passenger safety.

The two wheelbase lengths available are 4805mm (L1) and 5135mm (L2).
The overall height is 1942mm. A new pneumatic rear suspension is available as an option.This enables the vehicle's height to be lowered to 1894mm.With a height of less than 1.9m, it allows the driver to access underground car parks.

The protective side mouldings are 1895mm wide.
The interior dimensions of the new Expert Tepee offers a first class transportation
experience. The long wheelbase version can carry nine passengers and up to 1239dm3
of luggage (VDA volume under the roof).This makes it possible to transport both a large number of people and their entire luggage.

The long wheelbase version with 8/9 seats has an increased payload of 120 kg.

First class modularity and space
Whichever model is chosen, the Expert Tepee is capable of transporting up to 9 people, thanks to its three fully adjustable rows of seats.

Available with either dual or individual seats, the possible interior configurations can cater for between 2 and 9 seats, depending on the users needs.The dual seats and the second and third row seats can be folded, depending on the particular model, enabling long items to be carried – they can even be used to create a flat surface to place objects on, like a small table. It is also possible to move the folded seats or part of the seats to free up extra
space. All the seats are also removable.

Both wheelbases are available across the range, enabling customers to choose the vehicle that best meets their needs.

The rear seats can be accessed from a sliding side door, thereby creating sufficient space to easily access the two rear rows of seats. Located on the right hand side of the vehicle, another optional sliding side door can be installed on the left hand side.

Passengers in the rear most row can access their seats via the sliding side door thanks to the 'easy entry' system, which enables the outer seat to be tilted forward. The luggage area can be concealed by a load-space roller blind and a rear parcel shelf to create a single unit.

This level of modularity is not made at the expense of space. On the contrary!
With a width of 1557mm the driving position has excellent elbow room, combined with
1600mm for passengers in the second row, and 1398mm for passengers sitting in the
third row.

The available head room is enough to cope with the tallest people, at 1035mm in the first row, 978mm in the second and 916mm in the third. The difference in head room is a feature of the 'amphitheatre' effect desired for the positioning of the different seats.

The slightly raised position of the second and third rows provides their occupants with an excellent view of the road and the impression of greater space.

This innovation – already used by Peugeot in the 307 SW – is used to full effect here and enables the new Expert Tepee to place itself as a strong competitor with regards to onboard space and comfort.

A functional and comfortable interior
Driver and passenger comfort and functionality remain the watchwords for the interior styling of the new Expert Tepee.

Access to the driving position has been made as easy as possible, having been designed in the same way as a people carrier. Úsers shouldn't have to climb into their vehicle – they should simply get in!

Driving the vehicle has a very natural feel to it, with intuitive controls enabling drivers to find their way around very quickly.

The choice of architecture provides a driving position similar to that of a modern family car. As such an innovative Combi, the Expert Tepee sets the bench mark for the sector. The passenger compartment is very bright and offers great visibility, thanks to the 5.5m2 of glass on the short wheelbase version and 5.84m2 on the long wheelbase version. This brightness and visibility is made even greater by the very forward positioning of the windscreen, which gives a remarkable feeling of space – very rare on a vehicle of this size. The effects of this large windscreen benefit passengers in the rear just as much as in the front. The 'amphitheatre' positioning of rows 2 and 3 give the passengers an excellent view of the road.

The driving position has been designed by Pininfarina - very contemporary, combining comfort with practicality.

The large fascia panel takes full advantage of the available space and it provides an array of upper and lower storage areas, both open and closed. The storage areas around the driving position use the available space to the occupants' best advantage.

There are also a number of storage areas provided around the cab area: an overhead
storage compartment, a lockable glove box, door panels, storage pockets and cup-holders.

Open storage pockets are also provided on each side of the rear seats.They are perfect for holding half-litre bottles and small items such as keys, mobile phones, video games, etc. A second interior mirror has been included as part of the rear view mirror, providing the driver with a good view of the rear seats.This can be very useful for people travelling with children.

In the third row, a cup-holder is provided in the upper part of the rear panel. Finally, the backs of the rear side seats are fitted with a net for storing small items.

The fascia panel centre console includes two ISO locations, enabling a radio, a CD
auto-changer or special storage units to be fitted.

The gear lever mounted on the fascia panel – a popular feature in the Expert range – has, of course, been kept. This frees up space between the driver and the front passengers. The steering wheel is height and depth adjustable – an essential feature to get the most comfortable possible driving position. The door fittings and panels have been designed to match the driver's cab and passenger
compartment trim in the Leisure and Premium finishes (the Comfort finish trim goes up to the mid point of the vehicle interior). They have been designed as a continuation of the fascia trim. Buttons for the electric windows are integrated into the door panels.The door panels also feature storage pockets, a bottle-holder (1.5 litre) and locations for the loudspeakers.

The roof also features trim detailing, as you would find in a modern car.
The front seating arrangement is made up of individual seats with an encased under frame and under seat storage. Driver and passenger armrests are provided, along with active seat height adjustment and driver lumbar support. Heated seats are also available as an option. Height-adjustable head rests are included on the front seats, with curved headrests on rear seats that do not obstruct the rear visibility when lowered, but which provide all the comfort necessary when extended.
The individual seats can be moved forwards and backwards and reclined. There are four types of adjustment, depending on the options chosen: under-seat fore and aft adjustment, passive or active passenger seat height adjustment, lumbar adjustment using a lever on the seat back and a lever on the seat back to recline the seat.

First class safety
The Expert Tepee benefits from a reinforced structure, which takes into account the possible greater load it, can carry. It also benefits in its design in lowering repair costs. Particular attention has been paid to collisions in urban environments and the weight that can be carried by the vehicle.

The engine compartment has been designed with both upper and lower impact absorption structures that increase the impact absorption area and provide greater resistance to the impact forces.

The front doors are fitted with a 'retention pin' to positively locate them and combined with the fitment of strengthening bars they help to control the affects of an impact.

An aluminium impact beam with deformable 'crash boxes' is fitted to the rear of the vehicle to protect the rear structure in the event of a collision. The fitment of a collapsible steering column enables the steering wheel to retract by
80mm, thereby limiting its intrusion into the passenger compartment. What is more, the Expert Tepee can be fitted with up to six airbags, depending on the
particular model: two front airbags, two front side airbags and two front and rear curtain airbags covering all three rows of seats.

A 100 litre passenger airbag provides protection for both the individual passenger seat configuration and the dual passenger seat. If a child seat is installed in a rear facing position, the airbag can be switched off using the ignition key in a switch located in the glove box. A warning light on the fascia panel central console confirms that the passenger airbag has been switched off. The front side airbags, designed to protect the driver and passenger chest areas, are integrated into sides of the individual seats. Designed to protect the heads of front and rear passengers, the curtain air bags are located in the roof lining above the side windows. Linked to the side airbags (simultaneo us triggering), they cover all three rows of seats.

Child safety has not been neglected, thanks to the ISOFIX 3 fixing points located on the rear outer seats. As regards active safety measures, the new Expert has all the latest technology: Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), including an anti-roll feature (ROM), ABS and traction control (ASR), as well as Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA).

First class comfort
The new Expert Tepee has a lot of convenience equipment more commonly seen on modern cars: front electric windows, central locking, folding electric rear-view mirrors, automatic headlamps and windscreen wipers, headlamp wash and fog lights. This equipment is standard or optional, depending on the model. A number of optional electrical driving assistance systems such as a cruise control and
speed limiter, which can contribute to driver safety and comfort, are also available. The Expert Tepee is fitted with electro-hydraulic power steering on most models, which makes a huge contribution to driver comfort.

In a similar vein, rear parking assistance relying on four sensors built into the lower rear panel is offered as an option. Temperature control has also received a great deal of attention in the development of the Expert Tepee, making it the best in its category. The normal heater and air conditioning unit in the front of the vehicle can also be combined with a second rear heating and air conditioning system, which distributes air through 6 separate vents located in the roof, and through a duct located at floor level for the third row of seats.This additional heating/air-conditioning system therefore enables the required temperature to be attained very quickly throughout the entire vehicle. This is a standard feature on the Premium trim level and constitutes a significant innovation for customers
seeking 'high quality temperature control', and is without parallel in this market category.

On other models, air-conditioning can be provided with either manual or automatic control in the front, or automatic with the additional rear system, depending on the option chosen. As far as interior noise levels are concerned, as well as a special under body treatment, acoustic insulators and extra sound proofing have been fitted in the engine compartment. There is therefore no problem hearing what other people are saying between the three rows of seats. Passengers sitting at the back can comfortably speak to people at the front!

The low interior noise level enables audio equipment and mobile telephones to be used in total comfort. There are two types of car radio unit available: an RD4 radio / single CD player, which can be connected to an interface kit to enable the driver to safely operate a Bluetooth mobile phone, whilst on the move.The second option is Peugeot's RT3 telematics system which combines a radio / single CD player with GPS navigation and an inbuilt GSM mobile phone...

The hands-free Bluetooth kit enables the driver to make and receive calls through a
multi-purpose display on the fascia panel. This innovative equipment enables users to use mobile telephones safely and legally. Peugeot's RT3 telematics system, which includes GPS navigation using a 16/9 colour display, stores mapping information on a CD-ROM and is compatible with the TMC traffic information system.This provides access to audible RDS TMC traffic information messages.

It also includes an emergency and local assistance services support function, using the twin band GSM mobile phone built into the RT3 unit. If the airbags are activated or the SOS button pressed a phone call is automatically made to the emergency service (Inter Mutuelles Assistance for the countries where this service is in operation), enabling the user to give the vehicle's location and ask for assistance. Finally, a five-CD auto-changer is available as an option with both vehicle radio units. It is located in the central console on the fascia panel.

For customers who do not want a radio fitted, the Expert Tepee is already equipped with the necessary pre-equipment consisting of an electrical power supply, aerial and loudspeaker pre-wiring. A 12V power socket is also cleverly located on the fascia panel for connecting a laptop computer or a mobile telephone.

Other 12V power sockets are provided in the rear of the vehicle adjacent to the third row of seats, depending on the chosen model. Finally, a secondary fuse / connection box is provided for connecting an optional tow bar. Very different models The styling of the different models means that 'club' transport, family use and private hire usage are all catered for. The Comfort trim level meets the most demanding professional requirements, providing a practical, high-quality vehicle which is also suitable for club and association transportation requirements.

A two-tone interior ambience is created in Narbonnais Grey and Sirocco Grey.The seats are trimmed in Transcodage woven cloth giving the impression of great durability. The floor covering is made up of an easy clean TPO 'plastic' floor covering. Its design enhances the modern design of the vehicle and makes it easy to load the rear luggage area. The Leisure trim level is aimed at family users or, as its name would indicate, at drivers whose leisure activities require a large amount of space.

The difference in the internal ambience is due to the choice of a second interior colour to replace Sirocco Grey - Beige, which enhances the interior look.
The centre sections of the seats are now trimmed in a modern Mikado woven cloth
combined with Beige velour on the side sections.The floor covering is now an easy to clean tuft carpet that reinforces the impression of being in a modern passenger car. The fascia panel has a special finish, with the edges of the central console, interior door handle and air vent trims, all trimmed in pewter grey.
Beige velour inserts mirroring those found on the seats are also included on the lids of the three storage areas. Finally, the interior door handles have been given a chrome finish. The Premium trim level is geared to the luxury sector. It is aimed at a more upmarket clientele seeking a luxurious, refined vehicle. It is the perfect vehicle for professionals providing transportation for travel agencies, embassies and hotel clients. The internal ambience and the floor covering are the same as those found in the Leisure trim level.

The centre sections of the seats are trimmed in Jocaste velour– comfortable and upmarket and complemented by a Narbonnais grey velour on the seat edges. The fascia panel finish includes a micro carbon trim, giving a very impressive finish around the central console, the interior door handles and the air vents.As well as all this, the interior door handles have been given a chrome finish at the front.
The Comfort trim version has six seats as standard – an individual seat for the driver and a dual passenger seat for the front passengers.The other trim levels have two separate front seats – making a five seat standard configuration for the Leisure version and 8 seat configuration for the Premium version. A dual passenger seat is available as an option for the Leisure and Premium versions.

Latest generation engines
All the engine options available for the Expert Tepee meet the Euro 4 emission standards. ( posted on A comprehensive range of engines is available for maximum driving pleasure. There are two 2.0 litre HDi diesel engines, producing 88kW (120hp) and 100kW (136hp), both developed in partnership between PSA Peugeot Citroën and Ford, which produce 300Nm and 320Nm of torque respectively. Capable of transporting heavy loads, they benefit from a high torque output at a low engine speed.
The range is made up of three HDi diesel engines and one petrol engine.

The 2.0 litre 103kW (140hp) petrol engine meets the Euro 4 emission standards. ( posted on Its overall performance has been improved by the use of a number of innovate features:
• A pre-catalytic converter fitted close to the exhaust manifold (lower emissions)
• Controlled thermostat combined with a coolant/oil heat exchanger (improved fuel consumption)
• Controlled alternator (improved fuel consumption)
• Inlet camshaft equipped with variable valve timing (VVT)
(improved performance, improved fuel consumption and lower emissions)
• Direct timing control gears (lower noise)
• Compact ignition coil block (lower price)
A BE4R 5-speed gearbox is fitted to this engine.
The 1.6 litre HDi 66kW (90hp) engine meets the Euro 4 emission standards without
the need to use a Diesel Particulate Emission Filter (DPFS). It also has an engine driven power steering pump.

In order to improve durability and extend the maintenance intervals to 30,000km,
the engine has under gone the following modifications:
• The fitment of a two part oil sump with an increased capacity
• Cylinder block with special liners
• Reinforced pistons
• Reinforced big end bearings
• Reinforced main bearings
• Reinforced cylinder head gasket
• Oil pump with upgraded rotor
The hydraulic clutch control with an inbuilt torque limiter has been modified for
a commercial use.
A BE4R 5-speed gearbox is fitted to this diesel engine.

The latest generation 2.0 litre HDi diesel engine is available in two versions: 88kW (120hp) and 100kW (136hp DPFS).

The engine is fitted with new injectors with nozzles with a reduced diameter and it also benefits from an injection 'loop' control system.With this system the injector opening time is continuously being recalibrated through the use of a controlled 'micro-injection' of 1mm3, performed when the accelerator pedal is not being operated. The increase in the engine speed caused by this controlled extra 'injection' provides a correction value for the normal pre-injection.

Injection is performed in two phases (one pre-injection and one main injection) enabling the Euro 4 emission standards to be respected. Electro-hydraulic power steering is fitted on both versions of this engine. The 2.0 litre HDi 88kW (120hp) engine requires maintenance every 30,000km. The cylinder head has been heat treated in order to improve the mechanical properties of the aluminium. The rotating parts of the turbo-charger have been made more durable to resist wear, and the turbine housing now has a greater resistance to corrosion.The engine
pistons have also been modified to improve their resistance to cracking. With improved internal cooling the oil consumption level has also been reduced. Finally, the valve rocker arm contact areas have been chromed in order to improve their wear resistance.

Attention has also been given to the clutch so it can cope with the transportation of heavy loads. A significant development in the new Expert Tepee range is the introduction of Peugeot's ML6C 6-speed manual gearbox, which also includes a 'finned' casing to improve cooling. The gearbox differential casings have also been strengthened by the fitment of metal dowels to positively locate the two casings.

The 2.0 litre HDi 100kW (136hp) engine is fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS).This engine is used to power a number of vehicles in the Peugeot range.To adapt it, however, for the new Expert Tepee, a modified lubrication systems for the turbo-charger and modifications to the EGR valve have been introduced.

To assistance in the regeneration or 'self-cleaning' of the Diesel Particulate Filter, two post-combustion injections are initiated after the normal two phase injection cycle. The clutch is the same as on the 88kW (120hp) version, as is the ML6C 6-speed manual gearbox.

The benchmark for road holding
The suspension is a true product of Peugeot's wealth of expertise in this field, providing responsiveness, safety and comfort. The independent front suspension is a pseudo McPherson-type suspension with lower wishbones and an anti-roll bar. The rear suspension consists of a rear torsion beam with an offset Panhard rod, coil springs and inclined hydraulic dampers. This set up provides the new Expert Tepee with a real strength, as it provides excellent road holding with the ability to safely transport nine passengers and their luggage.

A pneumatic rear suspension is also available as an option, especially designed for this model. This system has various benefits. First and foremost it gives an overall constant vehicle height (of less than 1.9m) and a constant vehicle ride height under all load conditions.

It also enables manual load sill height adjustment, a button located at the back of the load compartment allows the vehicle user to higher or lower the load sill. This function is very useful while loading and unloading heavy items.

In models fitted with pneumatic suspension, the coil springs are replaced by pneumatic constant-height air springs and the dampers are fitted with special travel stops. The electro-hydraulic power steering fitted on the 2.0 litre HDi Expert Tepee model is calibrated to improve both urban driving and low speed manoeuvring.The hydraulic pressure applied to the steering rack varies depending on the speed of the vehicle and not according to the engine speed, improving both driving comfort and vehicle manoeuvrability. The front brakes consist of ventilated discs (304 x 28mm) and 45 / 48mm twin piston brake calipers.

The rear brakes are solid discs (290 x 14mm) and single 41mm piston brake calipers.
Low user costs To ensure that the vehicle has the lowest possible operating costs and insurance group, work was initial carried out to reduce repair costs following a collision – increasing the structural strength of the vehicle – and secondly to reduce fuel consumption and increase the intervals between maintenance services.
The vehicle architecture has been designed to take into account the changes to the
front-end crash test which, is now at a more demanding 10° offset. Individual components have also been redesigned to either withstand harder impacts or to be more easily replaced.

For example, the headlamps are now equipped with special brackets which 'snap off ' in a collision at less than 16 kph, protecting the headlamp and avoiding the need for a full replacement.

Taking into consideration all of the above the new Peugeot Expert Tepee has been classified in band 15 by Allianz. In terms of security, measures aimed at (for example) protecting the engine ECÚ against theft have resulted in the Expert Tepee being awarded full marks in the British NCSR classification, regarding theft of the vehicle: four stars without an alarm, five starts with an alarm.

Still with reducing user costs in mind, the maintenance service intervals have been increased to every 30,000km under normal vehicle usage (or every two years).
The electro-hydraulic power steering fitted on the new Peugeot Expert Tepee (with the exception of the 1.6 litre HDi 66kW (90hp) engine) also helps reduces fuel consumption by 0.1 litres/100km to 0.15 litres/100km, making a CO2 emissions reduction of around 4 g per 100km. This attention to environmental concerns – something that remains very close to the heart of Peugeot – extends to the choice of materials, which are in line with European recycling directives.

A range of leisure styling accessories
A very comprehensive range of accessories is available for the Expert Tepee. Apart from accessories aimed at protecting the passenger compartment, such as rubber or carpet floor mats, boot trays or seat covers, a leisure styling option has also been developed.

Two insulated cool boxes are available, the first with a capacity of 28 litres and the other with a capacity of 15 litres, designed to fit in place or on the rear seats. Snow chains especially designed for the vehicle enable owners to drive on mountain roads. Children can also ride in full safety thanks to an ISOFIX seat with 3 locating points available as an accessory.

Other accessories are available from the dealer network, such as portable DVD players, alarms, mechanical and electrical anti-theft devices (Tracker units), etc.

The Expert Tepee is available in a range of eight colours. Most of these are metallic colours, as these are more appropriate for the Combi users needs.

The available metallic colours are:
- Aluminium,
- Iron Grey,
- Aster Grey,
- Lago Azzuro Blue and Golden White.
Three non-metallic colours are also available:
- Parthenon Cream,
- Bianca White, and Dragoon Blue.

Source - Peugeot

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