1982 AMC Eagle SX4

Two-Door Liftback
The AMC Eagle was based on American Motors' compact Concord platform and was the first volume-produced, four-wheel-drive passenger car built in the United States in modern times. They were also very versatile, being offering as a two-door lift-back, four-door sedan and station wagon body styles. They offered the comfortable ride of a passenger car with the traction and handling of a light truck.

The Eagle SX/4 was the four-wheel-drive version of AMC's Spirit liftback. Eagle production would continue for several more years after Chrysler Corporations acquisition of American Motors in 1987 and the restructuring of the former AMC as the Jeep-Eagle Division of Chrysler.

This vehicle is an AMC Eagle SX/4 Two-Door liftback that is powered by an overhead valve inline six-cylinder engine offering 110 horsepower. There is a three-speed automatic with four-wheel drive transfer case and features a 'Select Drive' four-wheel drive selector location on the instrument panel.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jan 2011
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