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2012 Seat IBL Concept

SEAT IBL Concept Car – Uniquely dynamic sports saloon

2012 Seat IBL Concept
• Next evolution of the SEAT design DNA
• Powerful and self-confident look
• Innovative interior shows precision and quality

SEAT continues the development of its design DNA: the new SEAT IBL concept car showcases the Spanish brand‘s unique and consistent design language in the shape of a sports saloon with an exceptionally dynamic and self-confident look-and-feel. The SEAT IBL combines clean, minimalist exterior design with an innovative, premium interior that clearly conveys its quality and precision.

2012 Seat IBL Concept'The IBL shows that sports saloons within the SEAT brand portfolio will play an important role in future. However, this concept car does not pre-empt a specific model, but rather shows the design philosophy we are applying to bring the unmistakable SEAT identity to a saloon car, too,' says James Muir, President of SEAT, S.A. , 'The IBL is the perfect representation of SEAT brand values – with its distinctive look, its precision and its premium feel. Over the next few years, SEAT will embark upon a product offensive that will see the spirit of the IBL reflected in several series-production models'.

2012 Seat IBL Concept
The IBL completes SEAT's series of concept cars that define the genetic pool for the ongoing development of SEAT design. Laying the groundwork, the IBE compact electric sports coupé was highly acclaimed and received plenty of positive feedback. The IBX that followed showcased the new DNA code of SEAT design in a completely different vehicle architecture – a crossover between SÚV and sports coupé.

2012 Seat IBL Concept
¨In SEAT´s Technical Centre (CTS) we have combined the latest technology that the Volkswagen Group offers with our design language to achieve products as exciting as the IBL,¨ says Dr. Rabe Vicepresident of R&D at SEAT.

2012 Seat IBL Concept
Hallmark SEAT interpretation of saloon and coupé
Now is the turn of the IBL and its reinterpretation of the sports saloon. With its powerful proportions derived from a generous wheelbase of 2.71 metres and an overall vehicle length of 4.67 metres, plus its flowing, dynamic roofline, it almost belongs in the four-door coupé category. In any event, the SEAT IBL fits into a premium, individual lifestyle that sets great store by clarity and quality, technological excellence and precision dynamics.

The Design –Pure precision and a determined sporty character
After the IBE and the IBX, the new IBL concept car delivers a further, extremely enticing perspective on the continued development of SEAT design. The pure forms, precise lines and exact surfaces of the IBL depict the distinctive design language that not only sustains the modernity of the SEAT identity, but also clearly strengthens it.

'IBL is all about emotion. Love at first sight. But this first impression is something that is meant to last thanks to its timeless elegant design,¨explained Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, the new Head of SEAT Design.

Perfect crossover of saloon and sports coupé
As a further evolution of this new design line, the IBL also demonstrates how well it works when applied to a car in the upper business class. The SEAT IBL is a crossover in the very best sense of the word – it combines the elegance, the spaciousness and the utility of a classic saloon car with the athletic look and dynamic line of a powerful sports coupé.

Vital Stats and Specifications
Vital Stats

The genetic pool for the next generation
'The IBL was created from the unique design DNA that will prevail right across our next vehicle generation,' says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos. 'The IBL is certainly more than a saloon; it is the SEAT interpretation of a very sporty four-door. With it, we are also demonstrating that we can apply our elegant dynamics and our youthful character to a full-size vehicle concept, too, making it unique and unmistakable.'

Based on powerful proportions
At 4.67 meters long and 1.85 meters wide, the SEAT IBL falls into the full-size saloon category. Its long wheelbase of 2.71 meters gives it short overhangs front and rear, and enables powerful proportions – the essential basis of every good design. At the front, the IBL is distinguished by the 'arrow', the classic core element of SEAT design. The front end features the arrow form, with a clear centre line along the bonnet. The grille also bears the characteristic, five-sided arrow shape, expressed here in a very wide, flat form.

¨We are very satisfied with the result achieved. Únder the skin of a sporty vehicle, the IBL offers a surprising degree of ergonomics with comfort and practicality, thanks to the use of the latest technologies in materials and processes,¨ says Dr. Rabe.

LED headlamps as light sculpture
The full LED headlamps are designed as sharp strokes, extremely precise in their appearance and state-of-the-art in their function. The individual segments of this light sculpture fulfil the various lighting functions, ranging from the main beam with variable illumination, to indicators, to daytime running lights. The air intakes low down on the front end take a fine linear form. They are evocative of the design of an electronic circuit board, creating a visual connection to the zero local emissions electromobility that the IBL commands perfectly as a plug-in hybrid. The air intakes are designed in black and red and framed with fine chrome lines that emphasize both the vehicle's breadth and its premium character.

¨Our engineers successfully combined the spectacular design of the head and tail lights fully integrated into the bodywork with innovative light functions,¨ says Dr. Rabe.

Extremely muscular sideline
The sideline of the SEAT IBL is dominated by its mighty wheels – at a diameter of 20 inches and with their sophisticated design featuring single and double spokes, they are not only extremely sporty, but also exceptionally elegant. Their stature is further emphasized by powerfully defined wheel arches – the entire car seems to grow towards its wheels; the extremely muscular flanks firmly fixed to the road. The dynamic line running the full length of the flanks and the chrome line around the greenhouse add taut visual length to the side view. The small fold-out door handles and the aluminium feet of the exterior mirrors bear testament to the consistently minimalist approach. The SEAT IBL is form at its purest level, the essence of SEAT design. There is no room here – and no necessity either – for decoration without function.

Super-sharp lights on the clearly defined rear end
And the same applies to the rear end, too – the LED lights are also cut extremely sharply; with segments of the arc fulfilling the various light functions. The bumper is indicated by just a character line, while a piece of chrome trim also serves to underscore the horizontal, the breadth – as does the finely sculpted rear diffuser.

The Interior – Luxuriously sporty ambience
Very clean, minimized to the essential, exceptionally precise and premium in its look-and-feel – this is a fair way to describe the interior philosophy. Innovative technology and perfect execution come together here to create an ambience of relaxed and luxurious sportiness. Light, matte leather dominates the surfaces and brings breadth and a lightweight feel to the generously proportioned interior of the four-seater. Contrast is offered by leather surfaces in clear, sporty black and trim elements in the rich red of the exterior paintwork. The form of the dashboard, which almost seems to hang suspended in space, is a further aspect that adds to the impression of lightness.

Complete cockpit beneath a curved glass surface
The cockpit is clearly oriented towards the driver. A one-piece, curved glass surface covers the complete instrument panel all the way to the secondary display in the centre of the cockpit. The main display behind the steering wheel is fully digital and can be freely programmed to suit the preferences of the driver. Information can be presented either in the form of classic analogue dials or as a digital information system.

Says Alejandro Mesonero: 'The interior of IBL is in total harmony with its exterior design. It is definitely a place where you want to be, and to be seen'.

State-of-the-art, programmable information system
The information hierarchy and colour choice can be selected from three programmes – 'Travel' for relaxed driving, 'Sport' for concentrated driving fun, or 'Efficiency' when the focus is on the fuel efficiency of the plug-in hybrid drive. The second display in the centre of the dashboard is dedicated to the extensive communications and information systems. The navigation system, for example, incorporates data from Google Earth and real-time traffic information into its route recommendations. The information systems are operated via two touch pads integrated into the steering wheel spokes – completely intuitively with both thumbs.

Draught-free air conditioning with perfect details
Particular attention was paid to perfecting the climate control – virtually the entire upper side of the cockpit is conceived as large-surface air vent, facilitating draught-free ventilation. Targeted air flow is handled via individual air channels, integrated into the displays for minimal visual impact. The air channels have been designed with precisely executed frames machined from solid aluminium. They stand as symbols for the passion with which even the tiniest detail on the SEAT IBL has been designed and executed.

Source - Seat

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