1905 Ford Model B

1905 Ford Model B 1905 Ford Model B
The Ford Model B was the company's first venture outside the low-priced market. The Model B was produced from 1904 to 1906 and marked several firsts for the fledging Ford Motor Company.

The Model B was powered by a four-cylinder engine and sold for $2,000. They had a planetary transmission with a cone clutch, floor controls, and shaft drive. There were drum brakes on the rear wheels and a wheelbase size of 92 inches.

Debuting in 1904, the Ford Model B was a classy touring vehicle that was the first model by Ford to use the front-engine layout. The large 24 hp 4-cylinder engine was placed at the front behind a conventional radiator.

The Ford Model B was the upscale high end vehicle that cost $2,000. Three years into production, Ford had to face facts. Sales were unfortunately much slower than the Model C, which was ironic since it was priced 1/3 less than the Model B. In 1906 the Model B was deleted and replaced by the derivative Model K.

In 1932 Ford introduced the new Model B, basically an updated version of the Model A that was replaced by the 1935 Ford Model 48. The Model B was basically a four-cylinder model with a Ford Model A engine. At this same time in history, Ford began producing a vehicle with Ford's new Flathead V8 engine that was very similar to the Model A. This mode was named a Model I8, though today it is better known as the Ford V-8.

In 1932, two version of the Ford Model B were debuted, the V8 flathead engine one, and a four-cylinder model. Both models came in two different body styles, the rare ‘3-window' Deluxe Coupe; featuring front opening doors, and the ‘5-window'; two door windows, two quarter panel windows and the rear window. The Model B was the less popular four-cylinder model and was a much more updated version of the four-cylinder Model A.

The 18 Model was the first time the V-8 engine was successful placed in a low-priced vehicle. The cost of some models with the 65-hp engine was around $460. The roadster peaked at only 520 units for the first year, and 28,904 for the two-door cope.

Popular today by the world's standards, the 1930's model B is a highly rare model for collectors.

By Jessica Donaldson

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1905 Model B

$1,000 - $1,250

Model Year Production

1910Ford (32,053)Buick (30,525)Overland (15,598)32,053
1909Ford (17,771)Buick (14,606)Maxwell (9,460)17,771
1908Ford (10,202)Buick (8,820)Studebaker (8,132)10,202
1907Ford (14,887)Buick (4,641)Maxwell (3,785)14,887
1906Ford (8,729)Cadillac (3,650)Rambler (2,765)8,729
1905Oldsmobile (6,500)Cadillac (4,029)Rambler (3,807)1,599
1904Oldsmobile (5,508)Rambler (2,342)Cadillac (2,319)1,685
1903Oldsmobile (3,924)Cadillac (2,497)Locomobile (1,897)1,708
1902Locomobile (2,750)Oldsmobile (2,500)Columbia (1,583)
1901Locomobile (1,561)Columbia (1,427)Winton (686)
1900Columbia (1,393)Locomobile (767)Winton (218)

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