1991 Nissan Silvia

The Nissan Silvia made its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in September of 1964. Dubbed the 'Datsun Coupe 1500,' it was a hand-built coupe based on the Fairlady convertible. After just 554 examples were made, production ceased in 1968. In 1975, the S10 Silvia was introduced and rode on the S platform. It was replaced in 1979 with the S110.

Fast forward to mid-1988, when the S13 Silvia was introduced. The European models were called the 200SX. In North America, they were the 240SX.

The Silvia was an elegant, performance machine fitted with many advanced features and technologies. In the front was a MacPherson strut setup with a multi-link rear suspension. The rear suspension was a new idea that proved so successful, it was later used on the Skyline.

The S13 was available in three styles, the K's, Q's, and J's (references to the face cards of English playing cards). The K line was the most sough-after, and the top-of-the-line, featuring the S-package which included a rear spoiler, upgraded tires, better headlights, and several other enhancements.

Near the close of 1993, The S14 Silvia made its debut in Japan. Wheelbase and track were both increased, resulting in better handling and more interior room.

By Daniel Vaughan | Feb 2020

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