1994 Bentley Continental R

The Bentley Continental R was launched at the Geneva Salon in 1991, though many of the design elements of John Heffernan and Ken Greenley had been seen as far back as 1984, when the company introduced their 'Project 90' concept car. The enthusiastic reception received for the concept led to the development of the production vehicle. The Sultan of Brunei was so impressed with the car that he bought the 1991 show car at the exhibition. The new car was based on the Turbo R floorplan and was fitted with a 6.75-liter turbocharged V8 engine which was believed to offer 325 horsepower. Top speed was in the neighborhood of 145 mph and zero-to-sixty took just 6.6 seconds. The engine drove through the then new 4-speed GM 4L80-E transmission. The body was unique to the marque and was not shared with any model of Rolls-Royce, something that was not done by any other Bentley since the S3 of 1965.

Production of the Continental R lasted from 1991 to 2003 with 1,290 examples produced. It carried a sticker price of $277,720.

By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2013

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Rolls-Royce introduced the Project 90 concept car at the 1984 Geneva Motor Show. Many elements of this design would make its way into a new Bentley, which was backed by much enthusiasm and rave reviews of the concept. By 1991 the Continental R was ready and made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Again, the response was exceptional and the reviews were enthusiastic. The red show car that made its....
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After years and years of producing fast trucks in the form of the Arnage R and T twins, Bentley tried something new, and the result was the fabulous Bentley Continental R.A large, expensive, luxury coupe created by Rolls Royce, the Bentley Continental R was introduced in 1991. Debuted at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show, it reportadly upstaged the W140, S-Class that was also on display.With....
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The most expensive, luxurious and most powerful Bentley of its day, the Bentley Continental R was introduced in 1991 by Rolls-Royce. Unique in the fact that it had a body not shared with a Rolls Royce model since the 1965 S3 was showcased, the Continental R was the signature coupe that was the first to use the GM 4L80-E transmission. The Geneva Motor Show in 1984 gave viewers their first glimpse....
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