1927 Hispano Suiza Type 49

Sport Saloon
Coachwork: Mulliner
Chassis Num: 7874
This six-cylinder 3.8-litre Hispano-Suiza Type 49 was built at Hispano-Suiza's Barcelona factory and has Weymann-type saloon coachwork created by H.J. Mulliner. Charles Terres Weymann was a Frenchman whose background in aviation led to him create coachwork using a lightweight wooden framework held together by steel plates and covered with fabric. The primary advantage of the Weymann system was its flexibility, which greatly reduced the squeaks and creaks that affected more traditional coachbuilt bodies. Weymann licensed its production methods to numerous independent coachbuilders. This car's first owner was Colonel Guy Geddes, who purchased it in London in 1927. On his death in 1958, it was still in very good condition and it was carefully placed in storage by its new owner. The next owner took similar care of the car, turning the engine over once a week and polishing the bodywork. It is believed to be one of only a dozen Type 49s to survive.
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